Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wednesday More

Got off work early -- 11:30 am to be precise. The boss said not to sign out, I would get paid for an entire day, just the same as everyone else. The whole company shuts down at noon, but everyone that was at work gets paid a full 8 hours. Nice.
My mind has been full of this JS nonsense all day long, since I read that rather stunning news this morning on Dorrie's site about JS / Bye-Bye. I take solace in the fact that I'm not the only one that misses JS - dearly. Talk of asking Dylan to bring it back up from scratch has surfaced - I fully support that idea to the point of actually committing to continue to pay for my use of it, but is Dylan even interested in doing any more of this?
Talk of Dorrie taking over JS has also surfaced. Dorrie - if you did that - certainly a lot of people would be indebted to you for it, I just hope that if you are really interested in doing it that it doesn't take over your entire life. Again, I would pay for the use of JS to help pay for the service needed to be able to have the site and whatever upgrades and whatever else there is in maintaining a site like this. If enough people paid, it would be great if you got a salary or something out of it, too, since I take it that running something like this is akin to a full-time job. Honestly, I would think most if not ALL JS'ers would come back if someone as highly held on the JS scape as Dorrie were taking it over. These are all just comments in passing that I"ve read, though, nothing concrete. Even Bobby stated he would be willing to write a check for several hundred dollars to get JS up and running - undoubtedly hoping others would do the same. I would certainly send in some small amount - I just can't afford that much right now.
On my site I have started to copy and paste on to new, respective entries the posts from my JS past that I am finding. So far about 115 of them. I don't know how to find all of them, I am sure there must be more somewhere, just a matter of finding out how to retrieve them. Foregone conclusion, from the myriad of sites I have been reading, that getting 4 years worth is not a happening event. Not from Google, anyway. I have been searching the web and will continue to do so until I have either found what I'm looking for - or just ready to hang up the towel.
I had my neighbor's mechanic change the oil in my car just a few minutes ago. Same price as the oil change places - yes - just MUCH more convenient. Like, in my next-door-neighbor's driveway. An easy job, I didn't want to do it, I have all but totally quit doing mechanics after some 25 years of doing so. I just need to do some laundry, give Mary some instructions on Prince - shoving pills down his throat and changing the dressing on his tail - and that's it as far as getting ready. The car's vibration is all but gone. There's just a little hint of it at speeds of 75mph. I figure that the mechanic that told me that Discount Tire has the right balancing equipment but not the qualified personnel to USE the equipment must be right. I'm waiting til' after this trip to see if my dad will, indeed, give me some more money this coming year. I ain't asking but Iwill definitely be grateful. I'm also going to seriously pursue a part-time job at Fry's now that I have info on how, exactly, to go about it so that you get noticed by management. Working an extra 20 hours per week will be nothing different than the life I used to have in trucking at 60, 70, 80, 90 and more hours per week. Not exactly GREAT - but I'm looking to protect myself. If you read anything online, then you might run into the stories that all of these business mortgages are going to change this coming year and the comanies will owe much more money on the payments. That's what I read, anyway.
The prediction is a Sunami of foreclosures YET to come. What kind of devastation will THAT wreak on our economy? Don't want to know, but if it happens, will find out whether I want to or not. Having a second job is at least some protection.
The dogs were not able to penetrate my chain link fortress today. I'm sure they tried. It would be obvious if they had made it over, under or through it.
I've worn myself out thinking about this JS mess. Really, I have. I've spread myself out on 3 blogs - 2 repetitive sites and now my other Wordpress site to save my cached JS entries. And now, since it's apparent many people are headed to Blogspot, I'm going to simply start posting my entries in 3 places instead of 2:; and It will take some learned discipline to copy and paste an entry to 2 different blogsites, but in the end, it will be worth the peace of mind in doing so. I've lost too much, the sting of the loss is still very real. I can save some of my old journal, but all of it? Not unless there's some place I can find that's been caching my journal for years and still has all of it. I know those robots have been coming a long time, I don't remember the name of the robots (I visited the sites a couple of times) - and I have no idea how to find them.
Well, I don't really know if I"m writing again today or not, and again, I don't know if I'm going to be able to post any entries when I'm at my dad's, so - I'll bid ya'll a goodbye for a couple of days - or not - and will be visiting as many of your journals as I can. I do visit all of them, but I don't think you can see exactly who has stopped by, like you could on JS. I guess the only way to validate it is to comment.


  1. Hi Ben, just found you! I added you to my follow.

    Wishing you all good stuff in the New Year. Happy healthy New Year 2009 to you and your's,

    Judy aka Sunny

  2. Hey Ben! Aw, I'm happy to be finding a few JSers here! We will go on ....


  3. Hi Judy - again!
    Cool. I guess since so many have migrated here, I'll just follow along. Not that I'm a follower, lol, but - in this case, I'd rather be where the majority goes than not.
    Bonnie: Nice to see you!
    There are plenty of JS'ers all over the place, I just hope we can all come back to one place. I'm looking around and seeing this Blogspot place to be where more have gone than not. I'm still holding out hope for JS - it ain't dead until it's really - DEAD!


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