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I'm not sure I'm gonna get used to THIS place. I enable "translation". Great, somebody that doesn't speak English can translate.
NOOOO, that's not what this friggin' thing does: it starts translating EVERYTHING I'm writing into HINDI!!!!
I turned the translation crap OFF - permanently.
I tried to reply to people on the last thread, it was asking ME, the owner of this blog, to post my credentials!!
I turned all that crap off too - ANYONE can post, I am NOT moderating this place, and I don't want people to have to enter a bunch of letters/words after they try to post a comment.
I never had that on JS, I ain't havin' it anywhere else.
I'm not real happy about any of this situation going on. Me and however many JS refugees like me that aren't happy, either.
It just doesn't make any sense that the site wasn't backed up on disks; external drives; friggin' CD's. I don't know how this stuff works…

Wednesday More

Got off work early -- 11:30 am to be precise. The boss said not to sign out, I would get paid for an entire day, just the same as everyone else. The whole company shuts down at noon, but everyone that was at work gets paid a full 8 hours. Nice.
My mind has been full of this JS nonsense all day long, since I read that rather stunning news this morning on Dorrie's site about JS / Bye-Bye. I take solace in the fact that I'm not the only one that misses JS - dearly. Talk of asking Dylan to bring it back up from scratch has surfaced - I fully support that idea to the point of actually committing to continue to pay for my use of it, but is Dylan even interested in doing any more of this?
Talk of Dorrie taking over JS has also surfaced. Dorrie - if you did that - certainly a lot of people would be indebted to you for it, I just hope that if you are really interested in doing it that it doesn't take over your entire life. Again, I would pay for the use of JS to help pay for …