Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another One Moving Into The Neighborhood.........

..........and JUST down the street from me. There are a LOT of young boys running around the streets around here - this kind of stuff terrifies me.
You don't have a clue what I'm talking about, so here it is, typed on here just as it is on the flyer I just received in the mail.

:On March 17, 1995, Offender Burns pled guilty to two counts of Attempted Child Molest in Maricopa County Superior Court. During this incident, Offender Burns molested two boys, ages 11 and 9, who were known to him.

On September 19, 2000, Offender Burns pled guilty to Attempted Sexual Conduct with a Minor in Maricopa County Superior Court. During this incident, which was reported ten years after the occurence, Offender Burns molested the 8-year-old male victim who was known to him."

So, this guy, who is 50 years old and they even have a pic of him in this flyer, has just moved into my neighborhood. He's a block away. Not even that. His house is 3 houses down from all those black kids - ages 11 through 15 - four brothers. Though, their father is a nutcase and is in and out of jail all the time. Messing with those boys might cost that man his life..........

The guy is a Level 3 offender, meaning he's high risk of molesting again. Now, there's 2 of them. One across the street from me and this guy all of the equivalent of 10 houses away from me.



  1. Just what you DON'T need...more trouble! How much jail time did they serve?

  2. It doesn't say how much time they spent in prison. I assume since this person admitted to it that some prison time must have been served. I would like to believe that since this guy knows his face and name and address has been plastered around the entire community that he won't be showing his face for at least a while. Some of the kids around here are ruthless in their demeanor towards the other predator - be curious to see what might happen here.

  3. That's horrific! I would be very concerned for those kids too. I hope their parents know about this man.

  4. I hope all the kids in the neighbourhood get to know his pic and stay far, far away!

  5. Are you not just a little suspicious of any event that goes unreported for ten years?

    Is level 3 worse than level 1 or 2?

  6. Yeah, this is bad news. Everyone here knows about it because the police send out flyers to every house in the community with all this man's stats. However, many parents around here are totally clueless - the don't have any idea what their kids are doing and don't seem to care.

    Yah, who knows about that.
    Level 3 is the worst - that means that this person is probably going to do it again. Which perplexes me why the guy is allowed to move into an area full of little boys running all over the place.


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