Monday, January 19, 2009


Martin Luther King day.
Meaning - courts are closed. I was all prepared to rush out to the court and then this morning realized - after seeing rather empty streets - it's a holiday.
Gives Mary an extra day - today - to pay up the rent, which I fully expect she won't be doing at this point.

I'm also going to find some information - if there is any - about a tenant taking over a second room and what kind of reprisals there may be. Wondering - mainly - if I can simply call the police if there's legal dictate/precedent for it. Probably not - well, really I don't know. I NEVER agreed that she could occupy both rooms.

I really wanted to get this legal stuff started today - nothing I can do but wait until tomorrow.

An interesting bit of information I found out about some of the Eagle's players yesterday. Ken - the guy that is renting a room here - is a dispatcher at a taxi company. He said they dispatched at cab at like 3:00am the morning of the day of the Eagle's v Cardinals game to take some of the players home from a bar. Don't know how a player that is hung-over can possibly be at his peak in that kind of circumstances. Could be they were second or third string and really didn't expect to play, anyway.

It's actually warm here today. 82 degrees. Not REALLY warm by AZ standards, but it's much warmer than it has been. It's way too early for it to start heating up dramatically - not worried about that.

I'm a bit tired as I woke up last night and took awhile to get back to sleep. Think I'm gonna take a short nap.

C'ya later!


  1. Sorry to read this about Mary.

    Hope things pick up for you man.


  2. Almost sixty degrees warmer there than here.

    Spent fair amount of day clearing a long driveway of just under a half foot of snow.

    DId not know Mary was in two rooms, but not surprised. Just watch yer sixes when it hits the fan.

  3. Hi Bobby - Well, pretty much the consensus is to get rid of her and certainly I have no choice if she's not going to pay rent.

    Fin - It's great exercise! Mary put that door up to take over that room - but never left the other room. She actually admitted - in writing - that she is living in 2 rooms now. All I really need to convince a judge if she tries to deny it in court.

  4. I can't believe Mary's in two rooms -- oh, wait, yes I can -- she's so manipulative! Good luck with court.

  5. Spring: Yes, well you seem to have some insight into this personal beyond the words printed on this page. Mary can be very manipulative. I have watched her in her dealings with her boyfriends and people she's brought in here for various reasons. She admits that she went through college courses in psychology. Undoubtedly, when we get to court, she'll attempt to play games there. Fortunately, this particular judge doesn't care about emotion and sees right through the games - he only wants facts. Facts - are something that are right up my alley, that kind of reasoning and logic are something I am not foreign to, but something Mary definitely is. Also, this judge wastes no time, he wants to get it over with and onto the next thing, he has a very full docket and people dragging things out make him very unhappy.

  6. I warned you about MLK Holiday in my comment on your earlier post...Figured you'd have to wait until Tuesday to "hit the ground running". Good luck!

  7. I was so out the door this morning too with a mess of envelopes to take to the post office! Luckily I remembered BEFORE I drove all the way there. Sleep tight, Ben! ~S~

  8. Yup, everything in my city was closed except for the grocery and other retail stores, and gas stations!

    I was out the door, running errands this morning too!

    Hope all will get much better for you, Ben.


  9. Benita: So you did! At least I didn't go down there to find out the hard way!

    Shannon: Yup - do that everytime. I also sometimes put out the trash on a holiday forgetting it won't get picked up until the next or even the second day after.

    Sunny: Thanks!


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