Saturday, January 24, 2009

Well, I got involved in watching a movie online last night and stayed up WAY too late. This online movie business may be addictive, will have to watch myself here.

It was also a very nice, quiet morning until the next store neighbor started messing with his Harley Davidson - a bit annoying.

Oh, and I am dog-sitting again - this weekend for this dog and then I think it's about a week and a half from now I'll be watching Roscoe the German Shepherd for about 10 days if I recall the email correctly. Not a lot of money - I'll take whatever I can get at this point. I haven't run the dog-sitting ad in months - I sorta decided I really didn't want to do it because of the potential liability if the dog is hurt or if my dogs inflict pain/wounds on someone else's dogs. Be that as it may, I am still sitting the dogs that I have already had here before - these people keep calling me and they keep bringing them over, and even if it's not that much money, it's certainly hard to turn anything down right now considering my circumstances. Half tempted to run the ad again. Only half. One thing I have going now that I didn't before is the option of separating the dogs if I have to. My yard is now divided by a chain link fence and the dogs cannot get to the other side.

So, it is a possibility in just putting a dog that I am sitting outside on the east side of the house and keeping it over there while I'm at work. During the winter and spring, anyway, couldn't do that in the summer. Too hot - there is shade but I just wouldn't do that to a dog.

Yes, this is a rather rambling post admittedly as I have a lot of junk going through my head right now, especially this situation with Mary. I am having trouble finding what I did with the rental agreement. Rest assured I will go through every single piece of paper in the house to find it, but I'm 99% sure it's in my master bedroom closet. I started going through it last night and will attack that situation again today. That rental agreement she signed says $400.00 per month and nothing about working for reduced rent. Now, don't take me wrong on that. I'm not claiming she hasn't done any work - I have freely admitted that but also have included that she has received quite a lot off of rent monies she's paid.

Mary sent me her version of what she has paid me since she moved in here. A cacophony of lies, she has her having had paid $800 during the 2-month period where she paid NOTHING and I actually went and filed forcible detainer action against her THAT time. I'll be bringing a copy of that paperwork for the judge to see.

Basically, what I'm understand Mary is saying, is that she feels she should just get the entire month of January for free. Lol. Her claims are numerous, the biggest is that she put up that door and it's worth $500.00 and therefore she shouldn't have to pay anything. Oh, Mary DID hand me the key last night! I was amazed at that little action - and it's on video surveillance cause I was sitting here when she handed it to me. She actually tried to duck down and make herself not seen on it, but - quite sure it's on there.

Anyway, the whole thing is actually starting to become entertaining because she says one thing, and then comes along and says another thing - totally contradicting herself. I have it all in writing, to - both her email and her hand-written statements.

Whatever. I'm going to start getting all that paperwork together in a little while - I'm just sitting here drinking my coffee - and thankfully, the motorcycle noise has stopped. Meanwhile, I wrote up another ad and posted it to Craigslist. No replies yet - but sometimes it has to sit there for a couple of days before any series responses come flowing in. Getting close to the end of the month, so there are going to be people out there looking for a new place to live. Yes, I have to consider another tenant in here immediately. I'm actually - sort of - okay on finances - sort of. There are a couple of bills that are lurking that need paid and I won't be able to do anything about it until I either get money from Mary - which I haven't really been asking for anyway - or 2 paydays from now. Yikes!!!

Ummmmm - nothing I can do about it but hope that what I have will carry me through. One of those situations where I will dump a lot of money onto the card reader to make sure there is power for the next 3 weeks, fill up the gas tank in the car (already done), buy enough food to last that time period and then whatever else happens? Deal with it.

So I just went and inspected Mary's "old" room. She cleaned the carpet and it smells good in there, but the walls are going to have to be repainted. Fortunately I have plenty of paint to be able to do that without having to spend a single dime on it.

A couple of days ago - totally changing subjects again, told you this was a rambling post - I was driving the truck up in North Phoenix near some mountains. I was driving through a wash - it's paved road but it obviously turns into a small river when it rains - when I see a coyote dart out from some bushes in the wash, grab what must have been a freshly killed bird off of the road itself, and then trot off back into the bushes! There were at least 3 of them standing there - with all the traffic coming by, acting as if we, the traffic, were nothing! That was a rather amazing sight.

I'm done. I want to go outside and look at my plants before I start the task of finding all that paperwork, reading through all of it and putting it together in some semblance of order.

C'yall later.


  1. Hi Ben! Can't believe all the trouble you've been having with Mary. I hope all of your hand written notes and emails from her are in a safe, LOCKED place. Wouldn't suprise me if she tried to get rid of all evidence...considering her past with the surveillance cams. I wish you the best of luck with this. May it pass quickly, and may you find a non-psychotic renter!

  2. Lol - a non-psychotic renter indeed.
    I have all relevant documents sitting on my kitchen table in front of me, including the lease agreement which clearly states $400.00 per month AND the fact that it's a month-to-month agreement.
    I hope to be able to get this over with without too much "crap".

  3. Which one did you see last night? (I'm leaving you another response at my place...)


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