Monday, February 16, 2009


So, it was official as of today, the other driver was shipped to the main branch in Phoenix and I am now the only driver - again - for the Chandler branch. Which meant, today, that the driving was not split between 2 people and I was busy most of the day, a WELCOME change and I hope it stays that way. Tomorrow there is only one delivery in the system, but that could change overnight. Even so, the big boys are coming tomorrow and whatever free time I have will be spent giving a good sweeping to the warehouses.

The party was a blast! For such an impromptu thing, there were some GREAT people that showed up and spent most of the afternoon here. One older gent had been in more wars or seen action than I can count on both hands worth of fingers. Amazing to hear those war stories. He wouldn't come and say what his rank was, only that he was "higher up" in the ranks and mostly gave out orders but had spent some time visiting troops on the field.

There was a couple of Chinese women that showed up, one of them a much older lady who could only speak a few words of English. It was really cool, too - she had the "older ways" and would bow her head and was totally in love with all of my doggies. Which I found quite amazing.

Now, for the money spent: 89 cent loaves of bread; 69 cent bags of hotdog buns and 93% lean ground beef which was on sale for $1.89 per pound. Plus a couple of things of cheap chicken and several thing of hot dogs, cheap soda and water. Regardless of what anyone thinks, I don't feel bad one iota in having a good time at least once in a while. The mortgage is what it is - it won't go any further late than it is now - meaning each month I get caught up by 3 days.

Unless, of course, I continue to have tenant problems - crossing my fingers and praying that I won't. I'm hearing this stimulus package has something in it about mortgages - waiting to see what, if anything, that includes. I'm still waiting to hear back from my current mortgage company on any loan modification that might be offered as I applied for that almost 2 weeks ago now.

I'm giving the person that said they want to move in here for a couple of months until tomorrow for that check to arrive. It will be 5 full business days since she claims to have mailed it - I don't know of any letter that takes, normally, more than 3 days to get to most anywhere in the continental U.S. Considering it's coming from Oregon - which isn't that far away in terms of the postal service, I should have received it by now. I'm going to write up a totally different ad for a 3rd tenant - short term ONLY. I don't WANT a long-term person in there. Just a couple of months worth of rent to get caught up.

There are plenty of scenarios - legitimate - that a person would need a temporary place to live. One such is a person moving in out-of-state and needing a place until they find their new home or apartment. More-so if it's a person with a dog/s and can't find any place to take them. I would, however, charge more per month for dogs. I have enough and cleaning up after even more of them would be something I wouldn't want to entertain without getting paid for it.

Now, as far as a future party? I've had 2 dozen people write me in the last 2 days telling me that it was too short a time for them - if I'm going to do another one, they'll chip in and help with food and whatever else they can. Yes, I fully intend on doing another one, this time allowing others to pay for most of it, I'll just do the hard part in putting the whole thing together. I'm telling you, it was actually rejuvenating to have some decent, adult company around to spend an afternoon with. I would definitely invite the retired folk in this area with flyers.

It was also fun using that grill for the 1st time. That thing cranks out the heat and can cook a LOT of food at one time!

Mary's friend - the guy that does odd jobs - says he can fix those windows for $30 a piece. ???? I figured out right away without asking what the compromise would be for getting it done so cheap: no gas between the panes. I have no idea how pumping gas into double paned windows does anything for reducing heat loss in the summer, but since they say it occurs, I'll take their word for it. Meanwhile, I could probably swing that next paycheck and get that eyesore taken care of. The gas doesn't last forever, anyway, so I've been told. Max 5 years and it's done. I have other ideas at this point - get some foam insulation, go buy some fabric, attach the fabric to the foam - walaah. A decent looking sun block on each window on the west side of the house, including the giant sliding glass doors.

Another thing they did today was to run a cable from her new room all the way to the box where the cables come out of the box at the back of the house. This means I don't have to run a cable to the 3rd room I want to rent out - and yes, I did acquire another satellite box for that room. My solution to the mortgage backlog is to simply get another short-term tenant to get caught up and get back on track.

Anyways, I have some things I need to do online and - this one's gone on long enough.


  1. I think you may be a bit optimistic about the recent performance of the US Postal Service. I find it not at all unusual for first class letters mailed in this country to take seven or eight days to arrive. If I mail a letter to a town east of me, it goes miles to the west to be sorted before beginning its trip east again.

    So now you will have Ken Mary and another female? GO Ben!! LOL

  2. I've had FAR better experience with the postal service than 8 days for a 1st class letter! Perhaps you are right, I don't know - I just sent the lady an email of intent. After she said she wanted to move in for a couple of months and had allegedly sent the check, a couple of other interested parties wrote. So, I'm just waiting for a reply. Just remember that I'm only doing a temporary/short-term rental on this third room.


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