Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I get to work this morning and there's an email that has been distributed to everyone. About the regional manager coming for a visit - like - the manager of the entire western half of the country, I think.
The general manager is asking everyone to greet him and - clean up everything before he gets here.

With me, that's a given. Big boys/girls come along, you spiff up the place as much as you can.
Aren't coming until Tuesday - but there was a LOT of NOTHING to do today - I didn't drive any trucks, I spent the entire day at the yard, sweeping, cleaning, vacuuming, picking up stuff, moving things around. An eternity of a day I can tell ya.

Of course, the speculation continued on even more. Why is this guy coming now? He's going to every single of our stores - which is only 5 total anyway - but they're spread out. Tucson, Downtown Phoenix, the East Valley, the West Valley and then Albuquerque. Take that back, there are 6 stores, but he's not visiting the one in El Paso, Texas. I imagine this is a tour to make decisions. That's me guessing - but my guesses are usually pretty close in these situations. Keep all the stores open - or not? Reduce the labor pool? Get rid of equipment? Who knows. Keeps up thinking, guessing and wondering, that's for sure.

I slept okay last night, but I'm very tired. Probably because of the sleep I have lost on other nights. I'm thinking another long nap coming in-queue very quickly here. At least lay down for a while - I was on my feet all day long.

My work-week is half over. If I really do get Friday off, then this is half-week right now. I think I could really use another 3-day weekend right now.

Allegedly a potential renter coming over today. I think it was a 5:00 o'clock apppointment. I dunno. I want to take a nap, do a little cleaning up around here and if they show, great, if not, another person waiting on-hold if they haven't found a place yet. If neither of those work out - have to place another ad. May just do that anyway to get mine back up near the top. It must be buried by at least 500 ads by now. It's apparent that renting out rooms is something more and more people are willing to do in order to try and save their homes. I've given the hints to people that are struggling - it's easy money - or is it? Depends on the person you get in there, that's a fact.

I'm still thinking it's tougher to get a tenant when you already have 2. I disclose the fact that there are already 2 tenants in here. A potential renter should know whatever pertinent facts there are concerning a place they want to live at. At the same time, I read ads on Craigslist frequently that are home filled with 4 and even more tenants - all individuals that are not related to each other - so I know it's possible to get more people in here, just have to keep the ads running until it happens. Mary is not a done deal yet. I'm going to wait until her payday to find out whether she's still a renter in my house or history.

I have other things running through my head, but I need that nap.
C'ya later.


  1. I'm not feeling well about this visit....

  2. Yeah, I'm with ya on this one. He's coming to our branch too late in the day and I won't be here to meet either of them as it's turned into 2 of them coming now. I dunno - people of that stature in a corporate climate coming at this kind of time- I'm thinking some decisions are going to be made, just don't know what.


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