Monday, February 16, 2009


I'm a little shell-shocked.
I was just going through a bunch more email - one guy is committing to giving $600.00 for the next party. Another will come and do all the cooking. A BUNCH will bring food and drinks.
You have to have more info on this than I've given, I guess.

I wrote a Craigslist Ad that was entitled "Free Sunday Dinner - Foreclosure Party".
In the ad, I wrote that I wasn't personally going into foreclosure, but that there are so many people out there hurting. I went on about how Phoenix used to be a very friendly town - and it was. People used to one another, open and hold doors, go out of their way to help strangers. Now? You get a finger and F U.

I don't get what everyone's so uptight and upset about? I see it in traffic all day long, hostility. I see it at stores and businesses. I hear about it on the news. So that's basically what I wrote.

Now, one of the local news media has picked up on this - from who I have no clue - and wants to actually do an interview!!! LOL!!!!


  1. People acting like humans are pretty rare today, Ben. The TV people probably want to show that there are some good ones around.

    Or maybe they just think you're a wacko! ;-)

  2. Lol, probably a little of both!

  3. Wow! Are you going to do it? I think it'd be nice.

  4. Remember all us little people when you are rich and famous and have yer own talk show and such.

  5. don't really want to do an interview, I'd love to do another party, specially if everyone else is pitching in! However, I MIGHT do an interview if I know they aren't going to turn the thing into a circus....
    I'm sure there won't be any talk show circuits and Oprah Winfrey handouts......


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