Friday, March 27, 2009


This whole party thing is turning into something that has gone to proportions I never even thought of.
Number 1, I had not thought that the news media would be even one iota interested in something like this. Number 2, that they would actually run the story, and number 3 - this story is being run locally all over the nation! That's just plain CRAZY! I'm serious - I'm getting emails from people all over the place about seeing me the news from everywhere!

What's next, Oprah?
Whatever the case, I have enough meat now to feed a small army - just in case a small army's worth of people show up. Literally, I could feed at least 150 people with the brats; hamburger meat; pork and chicken I have been acquiring at sale prices, of course, from various supermarkets.

Today is going to be crazy as well. I have a HUGE thing of coleslaw to make, going to make up 75 hamburger patties in advance; cook the pork and make the pulled pork BBQ; and whatever else - such as more cleaning and such outside. Mary has been a tremendous help in the last few days in that arena in helping with the east side of the house and basically doing things that I - simply won't have time for. I have just about everything I need, I am hoping others will bring what they said they will bring to shore it up. Well, even if no-one brought anything, guaranteed the gut will be full for whoever is going to eat.

The neighborhood association thing is what I need to focus on as well.

Anyway, I will (well, I don't really know) write later - I have to go get Caleb and Michael at Caleb's mom's house, stop at Costco again cause I didn't get enough hamburger buns and stop at Safeway as well for another couple of things worth of chicken.

Wish me luck!


  1. I just watched the video (no, they didn't show it on OUR news, as far as I know heehee). Cool to see and hear you live! Pity they cut the end off...

    Good luck with the party.

  2. I saw your video here. Very cool, Ben. I hope it turns out great. I'd come help you out if I could.

  3. Dorrie: Lol, not sure what interest people half the world away would have in this, anyway! They cut the end off?

    How's it going?
    I hope it turns out great, too! I'm definitely expecting it to turn out nice.

  4. That is awesome, Ben! I read the article and then watched the video. Good luck today.


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