Monday, March 30, 2009


Amazingly, I woke up feeling pretty good this morning. Just reaffirmed to me that having a party like that on a Saturday is a far better idea than doing it on a Sunday.
I called Target today attempting to get them to "fix" the problem that was created by the defective product they sold me. I bought that grill, what - in November? That thing is only 4 months old! Maybe 5, I don't really remember.

Yes, I fixed the problem by buying a new regulator valve for it, but who would expect to have to replace something like that so soon after buying a grill like that? That thing should last next to forever. Target was unyielding. I called corporate - they couldn't have cared less how much trouble their attitude towards helping me with my problem caused in not just selling me a valve - or even giving me one - off a floor model.

I'm not done with that, yet, but I have no desire to follow through with that today. Amana probably has some kind of manufacturer's warranty on it which I will try next. I just couldn't believe Target's apathetic attitude towards a situation that they could have easily fixed without all the attitudinal problems.

Anyway, I was pretty much busy at work all day - driving to Casa Grande, back to the yard, then to northwest Phoenix; then to our main branch near downtown Phoenix and then back to the yard again.

I also decided to give away some of the leftover food. I figured since people donated money for this affair, the only right thing to do is to give it to people that need it. Doesn't take long around these parts to find hungry people.

Anyway, I don't have writer's block, but I'm kinda worn-out and I'm going to go take a kick-back in my bedroom.
C'yall later.


  1. I wondered how exhausted you'd be. I think what you did an awesome thing, Ben.

    Sears is ranking right up there with Target... I had a problem with a craftsmen tool and went through hell and high water. Really, I'd like to know whatever happened to customer service.

    Feed as many as you can--I know you will. Rest well, Ben.

  2. Customer service - I think that is an old wive's tale now!

  3. Hmmmm...

    You did manage to fix the grill. I would start with the manufacturer. You are going to get nowhere with the big box of Target.

    I am sure the donated food will be greatly appreciated.

    I'm cooking dinner tonight and think we are going to do grilled chicken and a salad.

    I have to run a 10k later in April so I could stand to drop another 5 or so pounds to pick up some more speed.

    Ahh the struggles of aging!!!!

    Cheers Buddy,


    Yes we would sign you up for races if you lived here..I already sign up my friends who are on the fence about exercise. It sure makes them jump when they have been entered into a race!!!!

  4. Shannon: I have no recent experience with Sears. When I was a kid, I used to love that store - my parents would frequent the place. I haven't walked through the doors of a Sears store in at least a decade. I gave away a chunk of food - we have eaten the rest.

    Kate: Yes, it does seem like some sort of fictional word.

    Bobby: I'm a very persistent person. When it comes to these large corporations - I find if I call enough times, eventually I get through to the right person.
    Grilled chicken and salad - yum!
    I haven't run a race since I was in my 20's. Thanks for the thought - but dang man - 10k? Lol. Definitely easier on the joints - especially knees - to get some weight off.
    Good luck with that!


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