Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vet takes down flag that is flying UNDER a mexican flag

The video speaks for itself.
A nice day today at work. There was nothing yesterday in the truck routing system for deliveries this morning, but when I got to work, well, totally different story. Long story short- I was all over the place. Phoenix; Valley Farms and Florence. Took most of the day to accomplish. Today is end of month - we're going to get out whatever we can.

Folks, if someone calls you tomorrow and tells you you won a million dollars, or that your car has just been stolen, or whatever - remember - it's April Fool's Day! Lol, I always play tricks on numerous people and usually am quite successful at getting them all riled up - APRIL FOOL'S!!!!

Just thought I'd throw that in there - many people forget about that particular day and then end up on the receiving end of a joke. Knowledge in advance? You could take THEM for a ride and dream up your own counter-offensive. For example, someone calls and tells you your car has just been stolen. "It's okay, I have the car booby-trapped with a bomb. It will detonate shortly and they will not even have the chance to wish that they hadn't fooled with MY car". Something mundane like that.

Anyway, something that has been milling around my head for months now - getting those Danes neutered. I finally found a place that isn't freakin' out of this world for the price: $150 per dog. They have a set price for dogs up to 70 pounds and then a buck per pound after that. The cheapest I found before this? Almost $300 per dog. Just because they are so large. Definitely thinking of how to come up with that money and get Duke done first. Duke has some temperamental issues that I think neutering would take care of.

So - now - I have to come up with a date for a meeting for a potential Neighborhood Association for those individuals that were interested to come over, have a little BBQ, see if we can come to some kind of agreement on forming a board of directors and at least get the thing rolled out.

I'm just going through the list of things here - not gonna take too long on this entry, either.

In fact, I'm pretty much done here.
I have some things I need to get done outside.


  1. If you have the server networked and available to others on the hardwired network then the answer could be yes.

    In other words is your drive available to the other computer from the other network?

    While I doubt it, my old room mate could figure it out in a lickety split as he is a systems engineer for Cisco.

    You need to have it secluded or put a pair of eyeballs on the thing to verify if you are completely protected or not.

  2. In other words is your drive available to the other computer from the other network?

    I dunno, you lost me. How would my drive be available to others through the network? If I had to take a test, I'm sure I would get an f-minus in computer knowledge.....


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