Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Today's deliveries? ONE single sewer cap. It is what it sounds like - a cap that goes on the end of a stick of sewer pipe. Around a $20 piece. I'm definitely not liking what's going on right now. As far as I can see in the system - there is not much of anything going on at any of our Waterworks branches. A continued, prolonged cycle like this can only mean one thing: more layoffs. I'm a realist, not being negative. I will hold out hope for my job regardless of what the economy is doing.

I will also do whatever I have to to stay in my house. The worst case scenario? Hasn't hit and I'm not going there unless it does. No point in it. I would rather keep my outlook optimistic - as optimistic as possible anyway - and keep my eyes on the rather dim light at the end of the tunnel. It's there - we all know it's there, but when will we start seeing it? I dunno. I have more backup plans if the worst happens. Oh, I would hate the situation, definitely. As I said, there is no point in going into it unless that happens.

Roscoe is coming for a week. Roscoe gets into things - outside. I am going to put a temporary stash of stuff in front of the dog-free zone fence to keep him OUT of there. I can't tell the owner of Roscoe no - whatever money it is - it's money I can use. There are far too many projects I want to get done around here that I will not turn down money for something as benign such as watching someone else's dog.
Actually, I just need to get a come-along and pull that fencing tight. Karen - the tenant that just moved out - wants me to put up a chain link fence for her.

I have finally acquired a handgun. I'm not the kind of person that is opposed to normal, law-abiding citizens owning guns. I won't be carrying it around anywhere - it's home protection only. Karen came over last night - she offered me this gun after we somehow got onto the subject of guns when she was living here. She is going out and buying herself a 45 magnum - this is a Colt 38 long barrel revolver. It looks like something right out of the wild west. I "paid" her a dollar for it. I printed up a bill-of-sale which she signed. That's all I need. Something that gives proof of where I got it just in case someone might have used the thing for "something". In Arizona, you do NOT have to register guns - whether shotguns or handguns. Now, if you want to carry one around concealed, you can do so on your property without any permits, you cannot do so off your property. I am not going for concealed carry right now - I don't feel comfortable with that, and the primary purpose was simply to get some kind of home protection. The only way I would even pull the thing out of it's locked hiding place is if my life or my son's life or anyone else living here's life was in obvious and imminent danger of someone breaking in.

I don't really want to hear opposition comments on this, I have been wanting a handgun and a shotgun for some time now. Nothing fancy, just the same thing that Americans have been doing for 200 plus years now: giving themselves the ability to defend their lives.

I bought some trellises for the southern wall of my house. Just 2 for now. With those, I also bought 4 4X3X8 studs to put into the ground to hold them up. After thinking about it, though, I have decided that the best thing to keep the sun off the house is to have 2 of those trellises on one set of studs: 1 on above the other. That equals 8 feet tall by 8 feet wide. Which means I will have to get at least 4 more to cover at least most of the southern side of the house, plus another one and cut it up to cover the rest. There is a door on the back of the house, can't cover that up so I have to stop short at that point.

The ex is going in for surgery prep today - my son's dentist appointment is today as well. Meaning I have to go get me son at around 5:30 and take him to the dentist this evening. I have never heard of a dentist's office staying open past 5:00 pm. I tried to get them to also clean/x-ray/look at my teeth, but they didn't have availibility. So, just my son today.

It's heating up again. It's around 90 degrees right now and into the 90's tomorrow. But it's supposed to cool down this weekend - perfect for doing some of these projects. I am going to buy 5 tons of gravel and hopefully I can get them to deliver it early Saturday morning.

Anyway, enough for now, I have plenty to do this afternoon and must get to doing it.

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