Saturday, May 9, 2009


Today's high expected to be 104 degrees. 5 days from now, the forecast shows 108. Welcome to - the Sonoran Desert in summer. Is it even summer yet? I dunno what day denotes the first day of summer - if we haven't hit it yet, we SHOULD have. Lol.

I felt it in the semi yesterday - it took a while for that thing to cool down after it sitting in the hot sun. I have the AC set on here that is cycling on and off all day and night long. It's not getting cool enough at night now to shut it off and open the windows : ( Well, I knew it was coming, just hoped maybe a little later in May instead of earlier.

As I said, minimum $100 of casino winnings from yesterday are going to the power reader - maybe more.

I have projects to do today, but Mary asked me to take her all over the place to find a car. Note that cash was offered to motivate me. Like, $100 cash. Wheels grinding, doing that with yesterday's casino winnings would net $200 for the power reader. Soooooo, guess I'll be driving around town today, as an offer like that right now is too good to turn down.

I am still going to get those posts done, regardless. In fact, I have half a mind to get out there right now before it gets too hot and pour the concrete. Oh, I remember what's holding me up: my level has disappeared somewhere and I can't find it. I'm kind of a nut about making sure things like that are as perfectly level in all directions as possible - both vertically and horizontally. I think I did something with it.........just can't remember what!

Well, I don't want to get too involved with this entry, just a hello, how ya doin'? and have a great day!


  1. stay cool my friend 108 anit no joke

  2. Thank you - I was just out there pouring concrete and am definitely sweating.
    Take care of yourself and get better!


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