Thursday, May 21, 2009


An absolutely beautiful day this morning.
Sky is overcast, temp is nice, looks like it might rain.
Hope it does.
I always get to work early so I can sit and drink a cup of coffee or 3 and peruse the news on the internet before going to work.
Not much in the system in terms of deliveries - which is the first time this week there hasn't been a full day's worth of stuff in there. Just one delivery and that's it.
I am not going to work tomorrow so that I can digest all of the information I have, get it into my head and also write down notes on the volumes of different things I would like to address in court in order to prove my case. There IS a lot.

So, anyway, today is sort of my Friday, cepting' court is usually not a barrel of fun and games.

Amazingly, school is already out for the summer. Seems like it gets out earlier now but definitely starts back up earlier as well. I think last year school got out at the beginning of June, today is what, the 21st of May? Definitely, they ended the school year earlier than last year. I am going to ask Michael to see his final report card. It should quite interesting, to say the least. For as much school as he missed, I have no doubts that he must have failed several or even all classes.

The guy that did the news story - called again. I have not done any parties and really, don't plan to any time soon. I have been giving out food, but I have cut that back as well since my hours have been cut at work. I have not, however, stopped handing out meals. I had 2 people over 2 days ago. I'm just one of those persons that believes in giving back to the Lord - this is the way I'm doing it. The 2 that were over were definitely some hungry individuals. One was in a wheelchair - a paraplegic and the other was his friend. I made them some chicken and a mess of other stuff - they consumed nearly all of it.

In fact, I haven't had anyone over yet that wasn't extremely hungry. Many of these people do not get the opportunity to eat meat - which I have plenty of and which I still wish I had a freezer because there are some awesome deals this week on both chicken and ground beef. If my situation weren't so limited, I would definitely buy a freezer and fill that thing up. As it stands, keeping power on the power reader and paying the bills are the priority of the day.

Well, anyway, I need to get started at work here - hope you all have a great day!

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