Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ANOTHER Airbus has crashed?!!!

Do you remember the "notoriety" the McDonnell-Douglas DC-10 received after numerous crashes all over the place and people getting killed on that particular brand and model of aircraft? Is Airbus going to have the same tainted recognition with all of their product?
Heck, if I were flying anywhere, I don't think I would want to board anything made by Airbus at this point - I don't wonder if actual air travellers are thinking the same thing, the world over?
It becomes a thing where people's minds don't think in terms of where the fault might lie - weather; malfunction; pilot error - it just becomes more like "gee, this airplane crashes a lot, I don't want to be a part of that".


I'm at work - before signing in of course and before the work day has begun.
I slept very well last night - that's 4 nights in a row now that I have slept either well or decent enough.

The CEO of our company is coming through today and there is word he may actually come to this store. That would be amazing in itself. Whenever stuff like that happens, I am usually not even here - out on the road somewhere. Another thing that I just found out this morning is the CEO of our mother organization has resigned. I didn't read any particular reason for it, the guy seemed to be steering the entire ship in the right direction, so I'm kind of at a loss on that one.

That's it. I am just in automatic mode for the time being. I forgot yesterday to go get a copy of my 5-year driving history to present to the taxi company for their consideration of my becoming a "weekend warrior" - if only temporarily. Actually, I only plan on doing one full day of it on a Saturday to see if it makes any money or is just a waste of my time. I was already offered a job - at $7.25 per hour lol - the other day. I can imagine myself standing in a "production line" at a Subway restaurant in the workings of a "sandwich artist". I figure the lowest I will go on a part-time job is half my wages at my full-time job. Anything lower than that would just seem a waste of time to me.

Regardless, it's gettin' close to time to sign in and I want to check out a couple more news stories before that happens.
Have a great day!


  1. Did not feel like adding this bit to the reply I made to your KCL post. Tomorrow I am scheduled to fly three commercial flights. Two of them are small 'feeder' airlines of the same type as the Buffalo crash. The middle one is often on an airbus flown by a more experienced crew probably.

    I am statistically probably in greater danger on the non-airbus products. However, given the overall safety of commercial air transportation in the US, I am not worried about any of them. Whether the luggage will make it intact is a much greater source of concern. So are weather delays forcing missed connections and ending up stuck in Philadelphia for instance.

  2. In reality, you have little or even nothing to worry about in all 3 of those separate legs of the flight - I assume from NY to MI. I always find taking off to be a rush of some sort - getting high without the drugs. Landing is exciting, too, but doesn't have the same feel as all that power the engines are producing in taking off.
    I would have to agree that you luggage is far more likely to be a problem than anything. On numerous occasions, I have had my luggage ending up going to airports thousands of miles away. Even once - it ended up OVERSEAS! Took them a couple of days to get it back to me!
    But, best wishes on your flight/s and certainly a good time with the missus!
    Oh, I said this on the other blog, but - I also read that a Boeing 737 was struck by a bird today in the nose gear on an incoming flight. However, the article goes on to say that bird strikes are a daily event and that most of the time, it doesn't really cause anything to happen but perhaps some stress on the flight crew.


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