Monday, June 22, 2009


I'm having trouble, for whatever reason I really can't quite pinpoint, warming up to KCL. It's not the people - I really just can't pinpoint it. I really feel like THIS is my home, to be honest. I've stated it several times: I'm sick of moving around blog to blog, just find one and stay with it. If people come, great, if they don't, the purpose of the daily journal stands. Maybe with time I'll start to getting a feel for KCL and start feeling like it's a home?

I was out working in the rather hot sun this afternoon digging yet more holes. These plants either need to get planted or I need to get rid of them. Leaving them in plastic pots indefinitely isn't doing anything. I have 3 or 4 more plants left to go and it's done. It will cost no more in water to water them in the ground than it has been watering them in the pots - I just had to dig so many holes in that rock-filled soil, I got tired of it and stopped. Not anymore - I had 3 boys out there digging holes today. The funny part about it is - none of them are MY kid! lol. He's up in the mountains with his grandmother.

I'm also filling up the empty pots with rocks and carrying them out front. Figure pretty soon I will have most of the bare surfaces covered. The situation in front of the front wall next to the sidewalk has me a little perplexed. Mary wanted to get pavers and fill that area up with those after finding out that plants simply do not grow, for whatever reason, in that patch of soil. So, I bought the pavers from a friend of the next door neighbor. They told me they would be sand-colored, instead, they are an ugly reddish color. Mary started on that project and then I picked up on it - but - I do not like the look of it.

What I had wondered is why we just didn't do the same thing there that we did with the whole front yard - just haul rocks from the back to the front and have the same theme there? Perhaps put some lawn style ornaments in there to spruce it up and it's done? Well, I discontinued that project. I was going to buy more sand to put in there for the pavers, but I do not believe I will like the end result. No, I think I will sell those pavers on Craigslist and just start hauling rocks out there as well. Okay, the drawback is that I will have to start digging in the dirt to unearth more of the rocks, though there are still quite a few laying around that can be picked up and get a very good start on that project - but only after I finish the front yard first.

Ummmm - well anyway. Just a particular person around here helping himself to various people's things --......---


Fin said...

I feel almost exactly the same way about kcl.

What some people are doing is what scribbler used to do: keep this place as your home, but put up a signpost over there when you post to guide people here if they want.

Fin said...

I have been trying myself to pin down why I am frequently off-put by KCL when they have made a real effort to recreate the old JS which we all enjoyed.

One recent example is the effort to have all the members put up pictures of tits on their avatar.

Many of us outgrew that in eighth grade. It sort of highlights why "some people" won't even open a blog there.....

Add to that the fact that some people seem compelled to use disgusting language for no valid reason, and I wonder how comfortable poor Pastor Larry must feel there.

BenB said...

Well, I missed the tit avatar thing, though I read about yesterday on someone's blog - I don't seem to remember anything like that going on at JS. Though, I do remember people would put up the same avatar as someone else for their birthday or something like that, I think showing bare boobs is going a little overboard.

I will eventually get over it - I think - just the feel of it.

I believe Pastor Larry to be a man of God - and if he is - then from my perspective it's just another venue to reach out to people for the Lord. I used to go into witch (real - or at least self-proclaimed) chat rooms and talk to them about the Lord, as well as several other - seedy - rooms. I actually found quite a lot of success with persistence. In fact, one person actually did a 180 turn in their life and I followed this person for almost a year. It was a story in itself, to be sure.

Anyway - I'm definitely going to continue blogging here and probably keep posting entries over there until something "clicks" within me.

springbaby said...

I'm with you guys! I just created my blog on KCL and, quite honestly, I don't like it. I can't even figure out how to change my template. Regardless...I'll keep an open mind, consider THIS my home, and link to both when the mood strikes.

Good luck with the rock project, Ben!

opit said...

Your blog loss rang a bell. Mine was archived at WordPress. Even though I still don't know why, a couple of years of blogging down the tubes is no fun.
I immediately thought of the Wayback Machine - Internet Archive - where one can often retrieve stuff not available on the original servers. Then I saw
Guy. I see you're on Blogspot - and the KCL reference is obscure to me. But I did a quick look-see and found a service of that name Red-Flagged by the Anti Malware Cooperative 'Web of Trust' ( installs as an add on in Firefox ).
Opit's LinkFest! is in a mess as I move my blog of tips and links from the Opera community to Blogger - but I try to keep bloggers' resources on tap.
Can't hurt to peek.

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