Monday, June 29, 2009


I just wrote an entire entry to KCL - it disappeared into cyberspace.
So much for that. I couldn't find the place that might have it saved, so, I gave up on the thing and came back over here.

I never like re-writing things that I have already written. The only version of that that might happen is copying it and pasting it on another blogsite.

So, since I wrote about everything, I haven't much to say today.


  1. I'm the self-same way. If I write something and it just goes poof, so does any interest in doing it over again.

    Big Rig came thru your town today. Perhaps you drove past one another.

  2. Well, Pastor Larry came onto the KCL blog and told me where I could find "saved" drafts - I thing I was looking for on the dashboard but couldn't find. I found it and therefore posted the entry onto both blogs.
    I-10 is a huge shipping lane going through Arizona - a LOT of trucks pass through here that aren't necessarily stopping here to deliver anything. I have seen pics of his truck - but - it looks like a lot of trucks - probably wouldn't have even thought about it unless I might have noticed the camera mounted on the dashboard. I do think it cool that someone is doing something like that - gives a view of the states not necessarily afforded to anyone else but - truck drivers.


Auto pay done.  On the Expedition.  I have far too many bills to keep up with all of this. 3 houses worth of utilities, satellite and intern...