Sunday, June 7, 2009


Well, I finished the paint project except for the clean up - when the potential tenant called, wanting to show up early. He's a student in some University in Indiana, down here for the summer to work at U.S. Airways - doing some sort of office type work. They have a corporate headquarters in downtown Tempe.

I thought the guy was 18 years old, to be honest, but - he said he's 28. Anyway, gave him the tour, he sounded interested - but - he had other places he wanted to check before making a decision.

Not throwing a wet blanket over my own party, but that pretty much tells me he isn't interested. I could be wrong - so beit. Find out one way or the other by the end of today, as he wants a place to stay - starting today. I just think he's looking for a furnished room and probably someone, somewhere, has one that is probably nicely furnished.

So, my next plan of attack is to get the room put back together, cleaned up and take pictures of the actual room, versus what I have posted on the most current ad, which has pics of a smaller bedroom. I will not be buying furniture for that bedroom unless someone comes in here wanting such - money is hardly a thing I can just throw to the wind right now for something that isn't a signed and sealed deal.

If you think this situation with renting this room out is a bit obsessessive with me - well, you need only place yourself in my shoes to figure this out. I have absolutely no regrets getting Mary out of here - at the same time - the money lost is an irrevocable blow if I don't get it reconciled and soon.

Anyway, at least someone came and looked at the place - after all of these people prior to this guy making appointments or showing interest and asking about coming over - and not one single show. I will be posting yet another ad today.

As for now, I am going to finish putting the room back together plus I am moving the 2, junk cabinet things out of her room and into the storage shed outside.



  1. Good luck!
    It was nice of your dad to help out too. I recently got an extra bit on my paycheque and I paid the entire power bill (it was up to $305!) which falls behind some months.

  2. Definitely nice to get money that you don't necessarily expect. I do not include money from my dad in my budget - there is no guarantee of it - so if/when it does come, it's an extra added boost.
    Thanks for the good wishes, still trying to get that room rented out!


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