Sunday, June 7, 2009


FINALLY - I have rented out the room.
The guy that came earlier today - it's almost 4:00pm - and I clearly stated to him - and everyone else - first come, first served. I have check in hand. He isn't moving in until Tuesday, so I prorated this month for the rent payment - have check in hand.

Short and sweet, the man hopefully not a lunatic and seems normal enough. He is moving because his current roommate is moving and he can't swing the entire rent by himself. He works at the airport - which is like less than 5 miles from here to the entrance, much shorter directlyl to the edge of the airstrip - fenced of course - if you wanna watch em take off up close.

He will not, however, be a long-term renter. I doubt it, anyway. He is expecting an inheritance to come through - he has siblings that are fighting it in court, so it may drag on for who knows how long - but he claims to expect 500k as his share if/when the court hands it out. Whatever, I have temporary reprieve - all I needed for now.

I'm through. This has been very trying, to say the least. Just because it took so long to get someone in here. And honestly - I have no clue how long ANY of the current renters are going to stay. But - deal with the next one when it happens.


  1. Congrats!! What a relief. I hope he is a good tenant for you!


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