Saturday, June 6, 2009


Amazing that the temps are staying as low as they are, considering we're starting to get into June pretty good. Projected highs for the next week are under 100, even after that, they're at 100. Not bad to work in and definitely helps keep cooling costs down - versus 110 and on up. I imagine we'll get there eventually, but I'll take whatever reprieves in finances going out that I can find.

The latest ad - has generated absolutely zero interest. Not sure what I'm going to do at this point. Just keep hoping that someone replies, as I'm not interested in going too low in the rent price. Couple of reasons. 1. Not worth having a person coming in using as much as it costs to have another person in here and then - not having much of anything on top of that. 2. If other tenants find out they're paying low then them, that could definitely cause some unrest in the ranks. 3. Why bother. The amount coming in from any single person must be enough to make it worth having them around. I don't care how nice or mellow or quiet a person is, they're still in my house and regardless, it still makes me have to do things differently than I would without tenants here at all.

The room will remain empty until someone willing to pay at least a minimum amount of rent is attracted. So, the Craigslist ads will also continue. Next ad - no pics, different desciptor. Just playing on words - without lying or exaggerating or otherwise painting a false pic. The point is to try to get someone interested by the verbage that otherwise might not have any interest.

I was also thinking of running an ad with a MUCH higher price. Reverse psychology - the room is expensive, it MUST be a nice place. Will it work? It's free to run the ad, therefore, it's worth a try.

I woke up late - for me anyway - and have been grumpy this morning. I overslept. But - that's my body paying me back for not sleeping well for 3 nights in a row. I'm starting to come out of the grumpy phase - really just need to get outside and start doing some of the work I have intended to do this weekend out there.

That's about it for now. Just paid some bills - didn't really want to do that, either, but - can't let things go forever. My hair is like a giant mop right now - I've let that go, too, in response to reduced income, but - I am going to HAVE to go get a haircut as it's too hot and I don't really like long hair - it's too much to manage and deal with.

Anyway, hope you have a great day!


  1. as an excuse for a higher price you can claim "freshly renovated". Do you also look at the search ads? Maybe someone puts one in before seeing the offers.

  2. Good idea - I am painting the room, I guess you could call that renovation.
    I also listed the possibility of furnishing the room for someone that intends on staying for a while - which would include a twin bed, nightstand and a small dresser with a lamp. All of that, of course, would have to be purchases used - but I will do it to get someone in there. I just had a response to the ad I put in at a much higher rate - but that is also the ad that I say I will furnish the room if necessary. Hey, spend a couple hundred bucks on some furniture and get more money in? Don't have a problem with that!
    Yes, I do look at a lot of other ads for ideas of what to put in my ads, as well as ads that just don't look or come across right, in what NOT to put in them.


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