Sunday, June 7, 2009


Another nice, quiet Sunday morning. No TV on, no video games - just peace and quiet. On a Sunday morning where I am experiencing this and the boys come out - I just tell them to go find something else to do, cause' the TV's are staying off until further notice.

I was a little surprised that this sargeant did not call me back yesterday after he said he was going to do so. This concerning renting the room. I've had so many people bug out - they say they're coming and they don't show - but - that's the nature of Craigslist. Many people complain about it, there's really nothing you can actually do about it.

I did write the man a note asking him if he is still interested, but that's as far as it goes. Meanwhile, yet another individual is supposed to show up at 2:00 this afternoon. At this point, I won't hold my breath - but I will finish the painting job in the room - just need to finish the trim work. Unfortunately, I think I may have to buy another gallon of paint to accomplish that task. I'm not really interested in spending money on anything - but that room definitely needed fresh paint.

I went to bed early last night - and I am still tired. I have lost so much sleep in recent days, it has caught up to me this weekend. I took 3 naps yesterday and this morning I still feel tired after 9 hours of sleep. I will undoubtedly be napping today as well - but still trying to finish stuff around here in the interims. Can't say there's anything wrong with napping, I just want to finish a couple of more projects, or move some of them along anyway.

Well, a long inter-lude while looking at the situation here and determining what to do. That, unfortunately, means a trip to Home Depot to spend money I can't afford to spend to fix a room's walls that a particular ex-tenant made a mess of.

Off to the races!

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