Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Another partial Mary post.
I wrote her again today - twice.
The second message was my final notice: Have someone contact me or email me about when she is going to bring back my Direct TV receiver and remote, or I'm calling the police and reporting it as stolen when I get home from work.

Nothing. True to my word, I just got off the phone with the Phoenix Police Department. They're going to take the complaint over the phone. I could sue her for the loss - and most certainly I will if it comes to that - but I have 2 prospects for tenancy now and I NEED it NOW, not a month or 2 or whenever the court date is set. If worse comes to worse, I'll have no choice but to buy a used receiver off of Craigslist with remote and then add that stuff to the lawsuit I am going to file against her. Oh, and if I wanted to treat her like she's treated me, I could have her arrested for committing a crime against me per the Order of Protection. I won't even try to do that, but the temptation certainly surfaced if only for a few minutes.

Dad wants me to come down with Caleb - next week! - to go sailing. Can't swing time off that fast. I decided I want to go ahead and take some time off - not too much - but at least a couple of days coupled to a weekend. It's halfway through the year - almost anyway - and I've only taken time off for court and the already-scheduled holidays set by the company. I have tons of vacation time and I want to use at least some of it.

My lady friend wants me to come up - whenever - to meet her. Mother wants me to come up and visit her there. In all 3 cases, accomodations are free. Dad is going to pay for a hotel room, my lady friend has 2 guest bedrooms and mother has a couch in front of her RV. Gasoline, however, is not free, and money is very tight right now. Getting another tenant in here will ease that squeeze considerably.

So far, the freshly transplanted pine tree is looking good. But - give it a couple of weeks and then we'll see what it looks like. Which reminds me - I need to water it right now, like asap after getting done with this entry. Gotta keep it wet/moist.

So I'm going through Fry's today to get a few things. I always pass by the meat department - today I bought 2 more packages of the ground beef that's on sale. I'm walking along and lo and behold - beef tongues!!! GROSS!!! More amazing? One tongue was almost TWENTY FIVE dollars. That's absurd! I figure that tongue - ain't worth anything but to cook, cut up and give to dogs. I had absolutely no clue that stuff is that expensive.

Well I've rambled enough and I wanna take a short nap before going outside and digging a hole for the small tree I've had sitting in a pot - forever.


  1. OK this is going to be a multiple part comment, so it will look like lots of people were here.

    First, I made a comment on an entry about three below here which you may not have seen, as you typically respond to them; 'twas about your upcoming date.

  2. Second, Airbus IS the name of the manufacturer, like Boeing. It is a European manufacturer and the planes are assembled in Toulouse, France.

    There are massive controversies between airbus and boeing supporters, but in point of fact, airbus has cut a substantial amount of business out of the pie and is a real competitor to boeing.

  3. Recovery from 12,000 foot depths has been done before. Submarines and surface craft towing sonar buoys should be able to locate the pinging on the black boxes which will continue for about another 4 weeks.

    It has been debated whether it will survive those kinds of depth pressures with good info however. Since this is the first commercial fatality of this type of aircraft, everyone involved has a huge interest in what happened. If it was a bomb, the materials they are fishing out of the ocean today might contain traces of explosive.

  4. And finally, and this is different topic, a woman (or man for that) who will totally blow you off not once but twice with some lame excuse about BSing after church etc, really cannot be expected to be responsible about getting a deposit together, respecting your rules about behavior, paying you on time, being careful not to disturb other tenants etc.

    At least so it looks from afar.

  5. Oh, thanks for the info. I had no idea Airbus was a manufacturer - I thought it was just the name they had given for that particular plane. The French allegedly have a submersible that can go as deep as 19,000 feet. First - they have to find that stuff on the ocean floor.
    I totally agree with your last statement and have decided to blow this person off, as I had the same thoughts - she can't even show up for an appointment, what's going to happen at rent payment time? Probably NOTHING.

  6. I would say something about 'grasshopper' again, but it is so sad that he hanged himself today.


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