Tuesday, June 23, 2009


In terms of deliveries, very slow day at work.
I kept myself busy by shuffling C-900 water pipe around. It has been sitting there a while and is starting to burn. The AZ sun will burn pipe quickly. Covering it up doesn't help much, either, heat accumulates even worse. The only thing I can do to try and save it is to keep turning it around - let it get tan all over instead of black on one side. I had a few pickups to do as well.

That's Prince. He lays like this all the time - or in even stranger positions. I posted that particular picture to the Arizona's Top Pet contest just a few minutes ago. Duke is also in the contest, but I think this pic of Prince might have a better chance. I'm in it for the money, no doubting it at all. Why not? The only thing lost if I don't win is a few minutes taking some photos, uploading them to my computer and then uploading them to the radio station's site for everyone to see. Voting starts next month, of course I will be posting the link to vote and hope everyone will go and vote for Prince or Duke!! Lol. The winner of the competition gets $1,500.

They think tomorrow will get up to 108. I hope they're wrong. They weren't wrong today, though - at 106 it didn't feel too terribly bad.

Anyway, I have numerous things I need to get done outside - what else is new - and before I start whithering away and don't feel like doing anything, I'm going to hop to it.


  1. It was 99 over in Miss, but with the humidity they had a thi of 109.

    It is 64 here currently.

  2. Humidity definitely makes it feel - worse - than the actual temp is. We are starting to feel the effects of humidity here - albeit probably not near as high a percentage as MS.


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