Monday, July 13, 2009

Current Events

I watch Ken on video surveillance - frequently - going into my refrigerator.
To say the irritates me is certainly valid, albeit certain other adjectives apply in a much more sincere sense.

Milk; cheese; whatever.

I ever-so-slightly turned the tables on him. I stopped buying coffee. It's expensive. If it isn't on sale - Folger's is like 8 bucks a can. He drinks coffee every day. He puts about TRIPLE the amount of coffee grounds into the brewer than is necessary for a regular pot of coffee.

He was going through my cans of coffee like a kid eating lollipops.

I figured if I just stop buying the stuff - I get all the free coffee at work I want so there's 5 days of the week covered - he would either have to quit or he would have to start buying it himself.

He bought the last 2 cans. In the time it takes him to go through 2 large cans of Folgers coffee grounds - that much coffee lasts me about 6 months. THAT'S why I stopped buying it.

In the same cabinet the coffee is located is where I store my bread. My bread disappears at a ridiculously fast rate - I had thought it was the kids. For that, I didn't care. I started seeing Ken helping himself daily to my bread, putting it into the toaster and then helping himself to my margarine in my refrigerator.

I haven't figured out an answer to that - I may let that one go, I buy cheap white bread for the boys as that is what they like. Ken, however, likes wheat bread. All well and fine until his supply of it runs out.

Cans of tuna fish? Gone. LOTS of them. Michael eats some of it, I had thought it was him. Michael is an eating machine as of lates - he is getting bigger and bigger and his body is demanding caloric intake to keep up with the pace (hence, I imagine, one of the long list of reasons he is over here, food is plentiful, at least for now). NOT. Ken - helping himself. I see this stuff on video surveillance, this is how I "prove" it. I have no choice but to go over hours and hours worth of surveillance to identify what, exactly, is going on in any given situation.

Beer. I drink beer in the summer. I don't drink massive quantities - but when I'm outside baking in the sun, and ice cold beer tastes better to me than anything except a large glass of water filled with ice. One has to keep tabs on that when in the baking sun - alcohol can really kick you in the @$$ when it's hot outside and if you're not drinking enough water. Ken? Will drink the entire amount of it in the refrigerator and it's gone. I have addressed him on that particular issue twice now. Oh, thank you, I am not a drunkard and I HATE being drunk. I don't even come close to anything like that, just as a disclaimer.

Ken helps himself to my laundry detergent. He has NEVER bought an OUNCE of it the entire time he's been here. Again, video surveillance. Did I tell Ken he could do all of this stuff? Do monkeys fly? Well, now that I think of it, yes, a certain breed of them do, however, I did not tell this particular monkey that he could just help himself to my food and drink whenever he feels like it - and he feels like it daily.

Funny it never happens when I'm IN here - here being the kitchen. I have my computer in here because I do not like to much of anything in my bedroom except sleep. Options? I have, thus far, resisted giving him an eviction notice. I am attempting to resist it. I don't know how long it would take to find another tenant. But Ken is starting to wear on me like Mary started to when she was living here - smoking meth in my house. I am EVER so glad that Mary is GONE. Ken is a different kind of case. I will have to pray and seek the Lord on this one - perhaps this is an "assignment" from the Lord that I must bear. Dunno. Perhaps I am supposed to just allow him to help himself.

It would help - if he would at least say thank you. A little gratitude goes a long way. It's not an egotistical thing - when you see someone taking your stuff without asking, you feel like that person has just stolen that stuff from you. It REALLY does. Food is a huge expense for me. I'm not complaining, but this man is not one of the people that I have included on that particular list.

Perhaps I'm just being a selfish, whining baby.



  1. Each month after you tally up what he's taken, add that to his rent due. It makes a difference!

  2. Yeah, wish I could. He's usually flat broke 24 to 48 hours after he gets paid.


Auto pay done.  On the Expedition.  I have far too many bills to keep up with all of this. 3 houses worth of utilities, satellite and intern...