Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm Not Upset

I am not upset about the situation with KCL - I'm disgusted in some respects, but there is no anger here.
It's simply that I find the stuff going on on certain - which could be labelled as many - blogs to be unacceptable, at least for me. Which is fine, the point is that even the home page has been absolutely littered with pure garbage in terms of lewdness and sexual references laced with f bombs and just - junk.

I took Fin's post today labelled sex in the toilet to be tongue-in-cheek - dear Fin, I would have been interested to see what comments you would have gotten on that entry. Oh, now that I think about it, good idea to close the comments!

Will my "rant" get anything done? Dunno, but I was at the point that I felt that I must say something - especially considering the people in question writing the content that is questionable (at best) certainly have no inhibitions whatsoever in displaying that content in their titles, proudly, for the world to see.

That is done. I'm still over there and even posted yet another entry - this one title The F Bomb - but that entry has nothing to do with KCL, instead having to do with a certain of Caleb's teachers - a high school teacher to clarify - engaging in a tirade of foul litany today including the f-bomb being dropped towards the teenagers that were in his classroom. I don't really want to write all that again - if you are so inclined as to want to read it, it's "over there" on the other blog.

The weekend is here. This is a good thing. The temps, however, are not agreeable yet. They are dealing nicely cooled morning temps - by Phoenix standards anyway - but it was definitely HOT this afternoon. The armored car guy came in a few minutes ago - smelled horrible. Large man, sweats all day long with all that garb on he has to wear with a huge bulletproof vest and such. Yes, please do take a LONG, hot or cold or whatever shower, thank you.

I haven't been out in the yard yet - which is not good because the sun is starting to go down. But, I can ignore it for a day in watering since the temps are getting lower, still hot but not THAT hot - I'm trying to save on water bills.

Oh, I've done enough writing today - I'm done with this.

Have a great evening, take care of yourselves - later!


Pastor Larry said...

I go along with that assesment

Dorrie said...

I'm caught in the crossfires, making commenting for me difficult. Things just went a bit overboard last week, but as you know, that is NOT the norm!

BenB said...

because God knew that KCL would come along one day...."
Heck, I could come up with titles all day long!!

So really, I guess - what people do on their blogs is their own business, but I believe it's everyone's business - at least for those of us who really find it "distastful" to see all those kinds of titles being posted like that.

Just sayin'........

BenB said...

The thing cut off my comment above.

Mostly, what I'm saying about the situation is that there should be a little give and take. Jahm and Evil came up with a good idea - well Jahm did Evil agreed with it - to simply rate the content of each entry and leave out the smut on the title.

Some people apparently are opposed to that idea. Well, nice. It really isn't that much to simply not load the home page up with trash - at least that's what I call it and now I'm quite sure I'm not the only one that sees things that way.

And what I was saying is, I don't put up titles that would equallize, such as "All KCL'ers are going to hell unless you repent" Or "fire and brimstone was created because God knew that KCL would come along one day...".
How would THAT go over?

Yeah, not very well. I'm sure such titles would infuriate certain individuals.

I also simply wanted defined what limitations there are on how far the lewdness can go and this was answered: there are none. If I were so inclined, I could post pornographic vidoes or porn pics and apparently many people wouldn't even bat an eye at it.

I think I've made my point. It was apparently read by enough people considering my position in the top 10 for yesterday, so now I'll just wait and see if there is any real effect from it.

Sunny said...

All of that crappy stuff is just to get their blogs, names on that stupid Top much competition that they will stoop to writing anything ...I cannot be around anything like that. As I was brought up differently. When I left KCL, it was just starting to get vulgar..bye bye to them.

Fin said...

Swell - another comment trashed. I don't blame you Ben, but I am disgusted. Again.

Fin said...

Yes, it was tongue in cheek, but based on a travesty which actually took place on Western Long Island where an idiot FEMALE DA refused to charge the lying bitch who sent four innocent men to jail after inviting them to screw her in the toilet of her dorm.

Fin said...

The so-called "reason" was she did not want to 'discourage' other women from reporting rapes.

What she is not 'discouraging' is other f***d up females from lying through their teeth any time they feel like it, sending innocent people to jail and publicly defaming them with impunity.

Even being a female politician, I don't see how she can be that stupid. I hope she ends up like the DA in the Duke jail.

BenB said...

Sunny, you are missed over there. There are people over there that do not talk like that that have the same feeling. But, you have to do what you have to do, and I respect that.

Fin: I had NO idea that you were actually referring to an actual, real-life event. I thought perhaps it was some kind of diss on the trash talking, I really didn't know.

Well, now that I think of it, maybe I do know what you're talking about. It was 4 young guys that were facing life in prison because this girl said they had raped her? and then it came out it was consensual sex? I think I saw that somewhere on the internet if it's the same thing.

BenB said...

Well, I think one guy was saying 20 years.
I dunno, but that much time in prison for something you didn't do is an abomination.

Anonymous said...

Ben...if you get a moment read the post I put up regarding Flavour- twas the second to the last one- Ithink you would agree...:-)

I also feel there has been quite a bit of stepping back and examination by everyone- do you not?

Fin said...

Lou, I could not tell from your post whether or not you would want your grandchildren to read on the site.

BenB said...

Lou, I read it shortly after you posted it. I thought it was well-worded and perhaps added something to the discussion. I added nothing as I have already spoken more than my share on the subject and don't want to come across as some Lord of the KCL Pages.
I have seen nothing in terms of the lewdity on the home page today - but I didn't really seek it out. Yet, several days ago, I didn't HAVE to seek it out, it jumped out at my face at every turn.
I'm hopeful people will take into consideration the fact that there IS all kinds of diversity poting on KCL, as you pointed out in your post, and that perhaps it really isn't that hard to at least keep the main areas of the site clean - as possible anyway.
Fin: I would have to say that even if there was absolutely no smut on the site at all, it's just not a place for kids, if that's what you're asking. It is adult themed - in good ways and bad - even in the good ways, I would think a kid would find it completely boring as it doesn't really speak to a child's mind.

BenB said...

BTW, I did see an entry title on the home page today from Jahm that he had rated. No, I didn't go, if he rated it, nothing against the man - it's probably something I don't want to see or read.

I have an absolutely horrible headache. But I'll get to that in  a moment. After discussing today with "people in the know", ...