Saturday, October 3, 2009

400th Post

I can hardly imagine that I have put up 400 posts on this site including this one, especially considering this is not really my main blog right now. Well - perhaps it's really a close mix of half and half. A little more than half on the other blog, just a little less here.

No biggies.

Grass cut. Fertilizer applied. Watered. Fence posts and fencing put up. Grass seed applied. Watering now.

That's consumed several hours of this day - that on top of everything else I have already done.

I look around the INSIDE of my house and figure a cleaning rampage is in-cue. But I am running out of steam, it's gonna have to be tomorrow morning when I start that - though I intend on at least cleaning my bathroom today.

In fact, really, I don't plan on doing anything else outside today. I was going to BBQ, but unless I get really worked up for it - which I am just drained out of energy - I doubt that's going to happen either. Although it would be cool to BBQ the package of center cup pork chops I have in the fridge. I have BBQ'ed in a couple of months. I was grilling outside well into the summer but got incredibly sick of the heat and wanted nothing to do with it, not even cooking out there.

It's no surprise, as I may have mentioned on here before, that this is the second hottest summer ON RECORD. Well, folks, they have been keeping records for a long, long time here.

BTW, how do you "work" thousands of grass seeds 1/4 inch into the ground? That is what the directions on the bag say to do, yet give no comprehension whatsoever on exactly HOW a person is supposed to accomplish this feat? I was going around just taking the steel rake and puncturing holes everywhere, but - I need to water more in areas where it's not quite soft enough to easily go into the ground yet.

I do know they make a device that puts holes into the ground - I am hardly spending that kind of money on this little patch of grass. I'm going to have to do some internet scouring and see if I can find some tips about that little gem. I fully intend on planting the seed on the east side of the house - I have a LOT of seed left over. I think I could plant grass EVERYWHERE if I really wanted to.

I don't really want to : )

Okay, I think I am going to go back outside and admire my handiwork out front. Heck, I might just take some pics and post them up for everyone to see!



Anonymous said...

Congrats on 400. I've been reading you for a long time. And I like those photos of the dogs in your most recent post. Hope things are cooling down in the mighty desert.

Anonymous said...

Thanks - and yes the heat has come down substantially, allowing for my internal desires to be outside and doing stuff to come out again.
I have a plateful of stuff I want to do out there today as well, but tempered by the fact that it's Sunday, the day the Lord has made (He makes all of them, doesn't He?!!) and I also have a lot of indoor cleaning to do.
Have a great day!

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