Friday, October 30, 2009


Otherwise known as make or break day for companies like mine. Get whatever product that can be delivered out and get the numbers on the books.
Only one delivery in our system, however - but there is allegedly about 50,000 pounds worth of pipe to pick up.

I have heard nothing back from the insurance company. Which isn't totally surprising, but I do want to get my car fixed - any day now would be good. I'm sure their final outcome is going to be a negative one towards me, and I'm just as sure that I will be spending a great deal of time "talking" with individuals from that company until I am, if nothing else, sure that I least made an attempt to correct the problem - which is having an at-fault accident on my record, as they have already stated they were going to publish it as.

The temporary tenant has found a very nice house on a lake in Glendale for $1,000 per month and is leaving. Actually, he's flying back home to be with one of his sons for his birthday and then they are going on a marathon to get everything and get over here. Good luck with that, is all I can say. His trailer is sitting in my yard - I am quite sure he won't be leaving it too terribly long considering the contents inside of it.

I have no other leads on tenants as of now. Not that I am giving up hope - well I do have the guy that came over, we shook hands, he wants to move in a week from now - I'll believe that when I see him with a vehicle full of personal belongings pulling up in my driveway and not a nano-second sooner. I am placing ads on CL separate from the month to month ads that simply state temporary housing at affordable rates - sort of a "come to my place and avoid paying high hotel bills" type of thing. I can even take credit cards through paypal - that's how this guy paid for his week's worth.

I'm looking forward to spending this weekend simply playing in the dirt installing that drip system. At least get the piping in and the emitters installed. Then I can cover all that trenching back up and get my dirt troughs built around each plant back into place. I have to buy a timer - I wish I would have done that a while back cause' I'm in a position now where I don't really want to spend money on anything. I must have 3 renters in the house before I feel comfortable, and since I am down to 1 at this point, certainly am not feeling very comfortable about it.

Tomorrow is the first so I am going to go post another ad in there right now - just in case of the "last minute shopper" - a person who needs a new place to live by the first and has procrastinated.

C'yall later.

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