Thursday, October 15, 2009

Things Of Various Nature

I got my carpet cleaning machine - but not free. No big deal, I got it for almost half off. Not a bad deal considering I still have some Christmas money from my mother to deal with. She has a set amount of money for each of her 3 boys to spend on Christmas - and I'm guessing they buy their own present as well, but don't quote me on that. I have no clue, really, what or how she deals with my brothers.

I finally have a date set for Saturday morning at a Starbucks in the west valley with a 'gorgeous' blonde, she quotes herself being as. Actually, I have seen her pic, she's not bad looking for a girl just a little less than my age. I'm amazed she is still making babies, though. But - if what she says is true - she's going for a doctorate's in an education degree and also works. Very admirable - again - if true. I have given up on formal education, the cost is prohibitive and the gains are not that much. Perhaps the gains would be significant if I went for something that takes - 8 years probably - to get a degree in, such as being a lawyer - I don't have the energy.

Going to work, coming home and doing that for years on end is out of the question for me. I would like to take some courses - in something - I think it good to continue to learn things throughout the course of your life, but at 45, I simply am not going to learn "how to be a lawyer". I could do the paralegal thing in 2 years. Again, at 45k, I don't see the benefits of it. The cost of education is through the roof and won't be landing on me anytime soon. I have enough financial problems in life to also be dealing with a school loan. They come after you, too, trust me when I say that, I know many people who have had wages garnished for however long it takes to pay them back.

That is a pressure I don't need or want this late in life. I have other ambitions to make money - but - as always - it takes money to make money.

Ummm - so - it was "suggested" to me in a PM on the other blog host by a person I have come to like that there is another person on that site that is looking and what do I think about that, basically. Uhhh, that's a kinda difficult question, really. I had already thought about that option, if it is indeed even an option. Dunno. I'm going on this date Saturday and see if and where this goes, then I will think about that potential.

I took a 45 minute nap this afternoon after getting home from work - I am not sleeping well at all. I wake up at midnight now and lucky if I'm back to sleep after 2 hours. I am going to take reading material into my room at this point. When I wake up, I'm going to start reading until I get sleepy again and fall asleep. Try, anyway.

I have spent no small amount of time working on the east side of my house today - it is a little closer, but still have lots to go to get it ready for planting grass seed.



Fin said...

After what happened with Kauai Finn, I have retired from match making. I am sorry though that you and Flagstaff never connected, as it sounded positive.

I am also glad to see a little skepticism on your part about some of her claims (like working on a PhD). Three teens and a youngster = baggage, but apparently many fine women (and men) come with such these days. ANd yes, I have also been aware of unattached females who live near you who blog, but have learned to just keep quiet.

As always, good luck with it all - women, yard, roomers.

BenB said...

Well, the deal with Flag was positive, I'm just not geared, I'm finding out - for long distance relationship. We had only talked over the phone and IM's and email, never met in person.
Eventually I will find someone - yet - I am not in a big hurry. Someone meaning to find the right person - goes both ways of course. I dunno anyone else around here on the blogging site/s that are single, but then again, I haven't asked.

BenB said...

OH, and as for the date, I will go in with an open mind. I have no idea if a person's claims are true, but IF she is going for the doctorate, that is definitely a very motivated person that certainly gives me some push towards getting to know her better. Actually, maybe she's too much for me, lol!

I have an absolutely horrible headache. But I'll get to that in  a moment. After discussing today with "people in the know", ...