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Drive back was both fast and exasperating at the same time. There are far too many drivers out there now that think the inside lane/highspeed lane is the place to camp out and basically block traffic.
I ended up passing a lot of these people in the right lane. I'm not going to drive 65 mph in a 75 mph zone because some person is sitting in the fast lane and doesn't care that there are a LOT of cars stuck behind this person. You're sitting there, waiting for an opportunity to pass - yes on the right - after they pass a car. They're going just fast enough to slowly pass a car and also by the time YOU pass that same car they have made it far enough to block you from passing on the right.

So, I get home and the dogs, of course, go crazy. I gave them all attention, but then had to go to work. Get the Christmas tree outside, open up the windows - this place as STUFFY - BAD stuffy - turn on ceiling fans, whole-house-fan, and then go out and water all the plants.

Then, of…


Some good football (I hope it's good anyway) on later today. Dad and Millie are coming over to the hotel this morning, we're going to check out and head over to a favorite eatery of theirs. After that, we'll be heading back to Phoenix hopefully to arrive in time to watch the first of 2 NFL games on today.
Apparently Mary has had this guy over putting up the door and framing to turn the front family room into a rather large bedroom. Mary has complained about how small the bedroom is that she's currently in (of course, she got to SEE that bedroom before she moved in) and wanted a bigger room. I had thought about telling her to go rent her own apartment somewhere. Okay, it's just that sometimes she gets a little how I'll put it - and I have to end up dealing with her as if she were a little kid.
I already gave her permission to do that with the caveat that I am not responsible for the monies owed to her friend, in any way, shape or fo…