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Some Pics of my Trip

Okay, try to figure this out. The top pic is well underground at the mining operation in Tombstone, AZ. The man in the pic is the tour guide, we are at least 60 feet down, I think they said it's more like 100. It's very dark in there, they have lights set up here and there, but this guy was doing this in almost total darkness. There are 2 pics of holes. They aren 't really holes, they're shafts where they were removing the silver. The explanation was that the entire crew of people were give 3 candles to work under there. That's ONLY 3 candles for everyone. He further explained that they were basically working in the dark, but could tell the "feel" of the silver. And yes, we got to feel the streaks of silver in the walls and it did have a unique feel to it - though not so unique that I would be able to identify it in the dark. The odd looking machine? An engine that produces steam. It would "drive" the piece of machinery that drills a…
I've been setting here for hours attempting to navigate all the junk to be found on Blogspot in terms of trying to get the thing set up the way I want it to be set up.
I hate the pre-designed themes for the blogs here, I have gone beyond those borders and attempting to upload a couple of different blog templates that I thought looked cool - none of them would work.

Undoubtedly my own ignorance in that department, oh well.

And no offense, but having to do all that stuff on several blogs in order to be able to post a comment, including having to type in the "word" shown is a bit of a hassle.

The games yesterday, what a HOOT!!!
I DREAMED that the Chargers would win and potentially be up against Pittsburgh, I had no idea that it would actually happen. What a great game that was, too! Overtime, the Chargers win the toin coss and walaah, they actually manage to score and win the game. Manning never even had a chance to get on the field after overtime started.

The Cardinals also…