Monday, January 5, 2009


Not a terribly slow day at work considering there really wasn't that much to do - but when the other driver doesn't show up, then it sorta spreads what there is to do out a little bit making things take longer.
News came again today that if the other driver doesn't go to Albequerque, one of us (drivers, that is) is going to get transferred to the main branch.
Of course, I had to ask: who.
The boss said he put his 2 cents worth in and it's up to the general manager and the ops manager to decide what's going to happen.
It came up because I was asking about getting tires replaced on both the semi and the smaller (but still quite large) truck.
The boss responded he was waiting to find out which truck was staying - which was the instant, obvious clue that our branch is only going to have one driver. No point in having 2 drivers at one store with only vehicle to drive.

Now, of course, if they were going to transfer me to the main branch to do something other than driving, that would be a totally different story. There is no word when this change is going to happen - like most things, the decision will be popped onto my boss and then he will have to dump it on whoever gets the news. I don't think the other driver wants to go to the main branch and apparently he has changed his mind about moving to Albequerque. I would consider moving over there - but - I have my son here, not there, no way am I moving.

As far as blogging home, I'm just sort of throwing my hands up in the air. If JS is ever resurrected - and I mean to the way it was before, not some "new" way that is inferior - I will be heading straight back there. I dislike ALL of these blogging hosts immensely. They are not near as user-friendly as JS was. I suppose I will stay here - but I'm not really just here. I have mirror blogs on both LiveJournal and Wordpress with the intended result that if any blog ever crashes like JS again, I have 2 backups that will still have all of my "old" posts on it. If all 3 blog hosts crash at the same time, losing all my date forever - good sign to quit blogging, permanently.

Another - interesting development here as Mary has decided that she is putting off my rent until Tuesday. That's tomorrow, which is also 6 days past due. I'm posting a 5-day notice on her door tonight. She claimed that she didn't get paid for 10 hours of overtime. Great, what about the 80 hours of regular time at $22 per hour? Even with the 25% garnishment that she is "suffering", and even after taxes, she still has plenty of money left to pay rent.

I've been through this with her before. She says she's going to get money on some day in the coming week. It never happens. More excuses - the point is that she never intended to pay anything out of that check. I have already written a letter, the next thing is to do up another 5 day notice. If paying her rent is so far down her list of priorities that she doesn't offer to pay me ANYTHING when she has at least a grand in her pocket, she can just move onto the next place.

Ummm - nothing else, really. Not now, anyway. I have some dog dung to clean up outside and other things I want to get done out there before the sun sets.
C'yall later (or tomorrow)!

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