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Not a terribly slow day at work considering there really wasn't that much to do - but when the other driver doesn't show up, then it sorta spreads what there is to do out a little bit making things take longer.
News came again today that if the other driver doesn't go to Albequerque, one of us (drivers, that is) is going to get transferred to the main branch.
Of course, I had to ask: who.
The boss said he put his 2 cents worth in and it's up to the general manager and the ops manager to decide what's going to happen.
It came up because I was asking about getting tires replaced on both the semi and the smaller (but still quite large) truck.
The boss responded he was waiting to find out which truck was staying - which was the instant, obvious clue that our branch is only going to have one driver. No point in having 2 drivers at one store with only vehicle to drive.

Now, of course, if they were going to transfer me to the main branch to do something other than …