Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday (already?)/Claim to infamy

"At Dorrie's Fun Forum, a virtual watering hole for a number of journalspace users, annoyance over the outage (sample quote from "benb" on December 18: "Will JS ever get their act straight? How many times do we have to go through this before this kind of nonsense stops happening? My fear is what is happening to all of our journals right now -- what kind of carnage will we return to? Oh well. Nothing new under the sun.") through a remarkable amount of fretting within the community over various personality issues connected with the small firm. "

I actually went to the site and read it there. Then I found a bunch of sites on the internet that are reporting this JS disaster. Reaming is a good definer for I have found concerning the statements regarding the site's administrators.

I'm intrigued by this AOL auction and wondering who is going to end up buying it. Have to wonder with all the bad press whether anyone in their right mind should be paying ANYTHING for it. I guess perhaps whoever is bidding is considering a bunch of us might come back and actually PAY to use the service again.

Meanwhile, someone posted a blip about LiveJournal laying off workers. How many sites do I need to back up my journal, anyway? I have a CD burner in this computer - never used it. I wonder if I could just burn each entry into the same CD until that CD is full, or do you have to have a new CD every time you want to burn something? Surely someone knows the answer to that. If I can just burn an entry on their every time, that would be the easiest and safest thing I could possibly do.

Back to work - this week is really going by quickly for me. I spent most of the day today driving all over the AZ creation - in all directions, too. 2 more days and the weekend is upon us. I'm drooling over this weekend because of the NFL playoff games that are in-queue for both Saturday and Sunday. I'm a little nervous because I want the Steelers to win and move on - never any guarantees there.

Mary did not respond to my message to her - I demanded a reply by this morning - meaning I am going to print out a 5-day notice and attach it to her door today. If that doesn't get her to take action, I will continue on with the forcible detainer. Mainly, I just want the RENT! I'm sure that may be too much to ask for from a person making $22 per hour and getting OT every week. Yes, she has a 25% garnishment taken out of every check, still a chunk of change left over. She picks and chooses her priorities - time to give her a fresh priority that should top the list.

I haven't seen Michael all week - though I didn't expect to - kinda strange not having him around playing video games and such every night. Almost eery the quiet I can find in here at various times now.

Umm, well I'm out the door to take the dogs for a walk, a thing I have been neglecting of late because I have been sick. I haven't mentioned that I am still coughing from the sickness I acquired must have been well over a month ago. The thing is just hanging on, lingering. I didn't want to do much of any exercise until it passes, but these dogs are going stir crazy. It's literally messing with their heads the fact that I am not walking them - after taking them every or almost every day for at least a 2-mile adventure. So - just gonna do it. Take a slower pace so I don't get to breathing in this cold air too much - it just starts making me hack away.

Anyway, c'yall later and hope to find enough time to visit everyone's journals.

Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...