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Fin made a good point - it was a reply on one of my other blogs that I am using as a backup site.
The event of Michael moving out will start to see the reduction in food costs.
I had already thought about that, but - the cost savings go beyond that.

First, I have numerous new readers to this blog - probably a little light shed on Michael and who he is and what his relationship to me is would be good, considering the potential ideas people might get.

When I first moved to the property I am living early months of 2004, the house that was here was uninhabitable. I placed an RV trailer on the property to live in while I was basically tearing the house apart and replacing everything inside of it.

The first few days here were uneventful. Until one day, less than a week after living here, I do believe. My son was bored and I suggested he go out and find some new friends to play with instead of bugging me to death about how bored he was.

He left - and came home - several hours later with a kid…


I didn't feel good this morning when I woke up and the alarm didn't go off for whatever reason, so I was 20 minutes late - but not out the door. I just skipped some of my morning routine and got out of here asap. Not that my boss would care - as long as I get 8 hours on the clock it's pretty much irrelevant unless there is an early delivery.

Which is tomorrow. The load MUST be there by 7:00 am. It's just one spool and the place is less than 40 minutes drive, no big deal.

Today I drove almost 300 miles - pretty good for a local delivery area.

Anyway, it's Thursday - almost over actually - one day closer to divisional finals weekend. And then conference, and then - the Superbowl! Who (if any of them) are you rootin' for?

I forgot about dealing with the mortgage company. Beginning this month, this newest company that has acquired my mortgage raised the monthly payment by almost $100. I can ill afford that. I tried to call yesterday - the wait was so long I…