Friday, January 9, 2009


Mary's antics are revved up and moving on.
Last night - Ken, the newer tenant informed me - she was out in the hallway, next to his door, working on that door she just had installed.
She was running an air compressor and spraying texturing material on the wall. Note that this was being done at 11:00 pm. Ken had gone to bed as he had to get up early for work - early as in 5:00am. Same time I got up.

Well, Ken got out of bed, told Mary that he had to get up at 5:00am and that he needed to get some sleep. Mary replied that she is getting up that early, too. Ken just said: "well could you be quiet?". "NO". Ken's statement: "She acts as if she owns this place".

Mary left me a message this morning that started out with: "why are you harassing me?". Note that we haven't talked in almost 4 days - but - I did leave her the 5-day notice last night on her door. THAT is her version of harassment, a legal notice that is rightfully given to her? I got halfway through the note - the statements were so outrageous that I ended up tearing the paper up into pieces and leaving it there on the kitchen table. Ummm - it was early morning and having that kind of thing staring in my face is not exactly what I want to see in the morning.

For whatever reason, Mary seems to be going off the deep end. Because I have been through situations like this before, I am now carrying my microcassette recorder around with me at all times while at home, just in case. The question has to be asked: Why should I have to live like that? Answer: I shouldn't. Ken would love to see her leave and Caleb dislikes her greatly. She has worn out her welcome. Unfortunately, I didn't start getting deposits until Ken moved in here. From him on forth I will be requiring a deposit, but I didn't get one from Mary. Meaning I have to fork out the money myself to pay for her eviction. Sooo - that won't happen until next paycheck, as I have bills that simply can't wait and Ken is paying me his rent money tomorrow. That with what I have leftover after the mortgage payment is enough to pay a couple of bills that are - getting stale is one way to put it.

Umm, but I don't want to dwell on that. If Mary starts more crap this weekend, I will be home and have instructed my son to wake me up if she starts in on him again and asked Ken to also wake me up and I will get involved. First, I'll address the situation, microcassette recorder hidden in pocket, but recording, and see if she starts mouthing off. Getting it on tape would be great if this thing ends up in court. If she goes berserk, I have 2 witnesses besides myself to her behavior and I will call the police.

Kinda strange, really. We were getting along very well after all that stuff that happened initially. I guess my demand to be paid the rent that is rightfully mine was the thing that got her
going. And that's what this all boils down to: she doesn't like being told what to do, she doesn't like being ASKING NICELY what to do, and really, she has no respect for anyone. She has no respect for HERSELF, either, judging from some things I have seen around here recently.

Tomorrow - NFL football!!!! Woo-hooooo! My team isn't playing until Sunday, but I'm totally going to be watching the games tomorrow with special interest in the Cardinals v Panthers game. I have some things I want to get done outside tomorrow as well, guess it's gonna have to be in the morning cause' really, this weekend is wasted on football and - well it's supposed to be 2 weeks until the Superbowl, but I've heard rumors they aren't going to skip a weekend? What's THAT all about?

Michael just came in as well. I just brought Caleb back - his mother still hasn't returned from her trip to Florida to be with family for the funeral and such. Michael was also in a very good mood - everyone's in a great mood - and probably cause Mary ain't here right now! So what's going to happen when she returns? Who knows.

I dunno, but whatever the case, I'm looking forward to hopefully some good football games.

And with that, I'm off to go out and deal with the ever-present chore of cleaning up - DOG DUNG!!! Woo hooooo!
Oh, that's nasty stuff - well, you know, get it over with.

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