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Mary's antics are revved up and moving on.
Last night - Ken, the newer tenant informed me - she was out in the hallway, next to his door, working on that door she just had installed.
She was running an air compressor and spraying texturing material on the wall. Note that this was being done at 11:00 pm. Ken had gone to bed as he had to get up early for work - early as in 5:00am. Same time I got up.

Well, Ken got out of bed, told Mary that he had to get up at 5:00am and that he needed to get some sleep. Mary replied that she is getting up that early, too. Ken just said: "well could you be quiet?". "NO". Ken's statement: "She acts as if she owns this place".

Mary left me a message this morning that started out with: "why are you harassing me?". Note that we haven't talked in almost 4 days - but - I did leave her the 5-day notice last night on her door. THAT is her version of harassment, a legal notice that is rightfully given t…