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The title pretty much sums it up nicely, thank you.

I was tired of this computer not having sound. It crashed a little while back and I simply couldn't figure out why sound wasn't working. Directly related to the fact that there was no driver for the ethernet controller - regardless of the fact that I had downloaded the d*** thing, I gave up on it and today, decided to simply reformat the computer and reinstall Windows XP.

I only have a few documents on here that I wanted to save, so I just copied and pasted all of them and put them in an email to myself.

Went through all there is to reinstalling Windows - and STILL couldn't get the friggin' sound to come on. HOW did I get sound to work every other time? Interesting question. I then found a blurp on the Dell site about downloading compenents in the right order/sequence. Oh??????

I did the installation ALL over again. Rather than fooling with it, I just dumped everything all over. This time, I went to Dell's si…

Saturday/The Mary Factor

My apologies to the new readers to my blog, there are certain things I write about that I just take for granted that everyone knows what's going on.

Mary would be one of them. In July of 2008, I placed a room rental ad in Craigslist. This particular ad had a header that included the following: "Work for reduced rent". I wrote up my "normal" ad and then added a descriptor of the work factor. A person could move in and do some work around the house and get $100 knocked off their monthly rent. No, I remember now, I stated the rent could go as low as $250 per month depending on how much work the person did, but that regardless of how much work the person did, the rent would not go below that number.

So, I'm sitting here thinking about that and decided the next day to delete that ad. People had responded to the ad, but not for the work, they just liked the location. My location is a mile away from a huge industrial park where lots of people are employed, …