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Steelers WON!!!

Dang, whatta game.
First thing they show is snow coming down.

I take that as a GREAT sign for the Steelers - I have seen them playing their best in snow, rain and mud.

Chargers score right off the bat. I mean, I think it was 3 plays and they scored a TD.
Didn't care, beginning of game.

The rest of the game was history.

I wonder if history will show a Cardinals V Steelers game,
or possibly Pennsylvania game?

Or - no Steelers at all. Gag.

No thanks.

Ravens up next.

I'm done for the weekend.

Made absolutely delicious hamburgers with several kinds of melted cheeses; fried tomatoes; fried onions; avocado; bacon; ranch dressing on toasted wheat bread and a tad smickens of ketchup.





What a mess those 2 games were yesterday!
Unbelievable. Underdog teams win - the Cardinals handed a roasting to the Panthers, definitely some entertaining games.

Gets me to fretting about today's Steeler's game. Charger's fans will undoubtedly be hoping their team is going to win, but I would think most people would definitely give the greater odds to the Steelers in pulling off a victory.

Considering yesterday's games, that's definitely up in the air.

I left Mary 3 notices on her door last night. One was a notice of doubled rent - she has both rooms locked and I am not going to just sit here and do nothing about it. If she wants to occupy both rooms, then her rent is going to be doubled.

Second was notice of peaceable enjoyment for the other tenant, ie: excessive noise to stop after 10:00 pm with the story printed on the notice of what allegedly happened.

Third was final notice to either give me a key to the new door or the door lock is going to be drilled o…