Monday, January 12, 2009


For a day that had me doing no deliveries at work, it certainly was busy. I left the yard this morning and didn't return until an hour before time to go home. Driving the semi all over Phoenix.
Tomorrow will be more of the same. Pick up a load of pipe at a manufacturer, go back to the yard, load up more stuff and then take the material out to the intended jobsite.

Back to Phoenix, load up for Wednesday. Wednesday I am doing the "Tucson Run". Every Wednesday the main branch loads up a semi headed for Tucson or Tucson loads up a semi headed for Phoenix. They take turns. This time, it's our branch because we need some 40 foot pipe to deliver to a jobsite and the boss said he would do the run this time since we need it done that day.

Whenever I come home from work, the dogs are all excited to see me. Wagging their tails, making all kinds of noise, basic chaos. Then, when I get changed and come in here to write up a fresh entry, they all lay down and pass out - as if they have been going all day long! I'm serious, only in a dog's life.

Anyway, the letter wars move on. Mary left me yet another note this morning, replete with a small trash canister full of trash. Her complaint? That "no-one else is cleaning up this bathroom, I am cleaning it up 3 times a week", yada yada yada. I stopped cleaning the tenant's bathroom some months ago - I don't use that bathroom and the tenants should be accountable for cleaning up after themselves.

The note included the statement that she had cleaned up the bathroom floor with paper towels stated that I needed to look at those dirty towels - in the trash can - in front of my computer. I did not look into the trash can and I put it back in front of her door. It isn't my trash and frankly, her attitude around her is going further and further south with each passing day. Heck, it isn't even my trash can! It must be hers, I doubt the new tenant put one in there.

I thought about responding that she took clean dishes out of the dishwasher this morning, some of her cups, but didn't bother to put the rest of them away. Or the fact that she never takes out the trash in the kitchen. Or the fact that I have requested several times that she not do partial loads of laundry - wasting energy and water. Or a lot of other things. Instead, I am not replying to her at all. I have given her all the notices that need be given, unless something else comes up, we aren't on speaking terms; my son, Michael, their friends and Ken, the newer tenant - ALL dislike her greatly. Her sour, rancid, obnoxious attitude and behavior around here has gone far enough. Tomorrow marks the first day that I can go to court and file for eviction. Money is tight, so - not doing that until I get paid. If she pays me the rent, then I will definitely be considering giving her a 30-day notice. That's simply a notice that says the rental agreement will end and will not be renewed after 30 days. I think I have to give that at the last day of the month.

I tried to call the new mortgage company today - the same recording I have gotten every time I call. It states that wait times are long, we apologize, yada yada. The MagicJack has quit working altogether and I don't want to waste minutes of my company's cell phone time on a call that has nothing to do with my company. I guess I'll have to do it on the landline at work - though I do have a new Magic Jack device ordered and it has been sent out.

I'm guessing Michael is gone for the week and definitely so is Caleb, so I only have my mouth to feed. I have some leftovers from this weekend. Most notably, after I made the chicken and rice casserole, on the same day, I also just cooked up the other package of chicken. It was going to go bad - at least by the date and usually those dates on those packages are pretty close or even right on. I am going to use some Mexican tomato sauce (spicey), tear up the chicken into pieces, mix the sauce in with it, cook it for a while, and then make chicken tacos out of it. They are QUITE good, much better than you might think. Everyone traditionally thinks of beef, and yes, beef is wonderfully good in tacos - but the chicken is a different twist/taste and it's pretty darn good. Not to mention the fact that I love tacos.

Umm, well this entry is getting long and I have some things to do. Must go out and check the freshly planted plants - probably need more watering I'm guessing. Dog dung needs cleaned up - of course, a daily chore - and whatever else my eye spots out there or in here to do.


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