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For a day that had me doing no deliveries at work, it certainly was busy. I left the yard this morning and didn't return until an hour before time to go home. Driving the semi all over Phoenix.
Tomorrow will be more of the same. Pick up a load of pipe at a manufacturer, go back to the yard, load up more stuff and then take the material out to the intended jobsite.

Back to Phoenix, load up for Wednesday. Wednesday I am doing the "Tucson Run". Every Wednesday the main branch loads up a semi headed for Tucson or Tucson loads up a semi headed for Phoenix. They take turns. This time, it's our branch because we need some 40 foot pipe to deliver to a jobsite and the boss said he would do the run this time since we need it done that day.

Whenever I come home from work, the dogs are all excited to see me. Wagging their tails, making all kinds of noise, basic chaos. Then, when I get changed and come in here to write up a fresh entry, they all lay down and pass out - as…