Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Tired. Work was a non-ending series of one thing after another for 10 hours straight, no break and didn't have time to eat. Take that back, early this morning I stopped at Q-trip for a coffee and had a small taquito. That isn't enough food for an entire day's worth of work. Actually, I'm more than just tired, I'm spent, burnt, toasted and fried. I kind of miss those days, though, because days just fly by and having to worry about weight-loss and what I am eating is a moot point - barely eating and expending that much energy keeps you pretty lean and trim, if I do say so myself.

Even when I got home, all was/is not over. The exterminator - a thing I can ill-afford right now but the idea of getting stung by another scorpion is a worse fate than being totally broke - showed up at my house the same time I did. Which sent me into a frenzy of making sure everything is picked up and also cleaning up today's dog dung. Wanted the dirt/sand/rocks to be sprayed, not dog poop.

Umm, so I just finished making pork chops/gravy/mashed potatoes/spinach. Dumped the gravy over everything and I feel SO much better after having eaten something.

There isn't much else - just cause' I've emptied the brain for the most part of all the junk. Just to have some peace. Issues come and go, I need peace in my mind and heart to walk through all of it.

Really, I'm done for this entry, maybe the night. I figure to head to the bedroom early tonight, watch some TV, get drowsy and get (hopefully) a good night's sleep.

Bidding you all the same.


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