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JS, I noticed, is on again. My old blog is gone - I tried signing in for the fun of it under my old user name, didn't recognize it. I signed up the same thing all over again, but I'm not rushing over there. It's under the Wordpress format - I already have two Wordpress accounts and JS going under that domain is hardly anything noticable or laudable. Now, if they do something with it, great. Wait and see. I MIGHT start using it as a mirror blog like everything else I'm doing - but I don't trust it. Waste of time to post copied entries over there if it's just gonna go down.

I wonder how many of you folks feel the same way. The feel of my journal there is totally evaporated into thin air. They're gonna have to do better than that to get me wanting to use it as my primary blog and this, Wordpress and my LiveJournal place as mirrors. Frankly, I'm getting comfy here at Blogspot. I know, I'm a traitor to my own cause, oh well.

Anyway, I have this …