Wednesday, January 14, 2009


JS, I noticed, is on again. My old blog is gone - I tried signing in for the fun of it under my old user name, didn't recognize it. I signed up the same thing all over again, but I'm not rushing over there. It's under the Wordpress format - I already have two Wordpress accounts and JS going under that domain is hardly anything noticable or laudable. Now, if they do something with it, great. Wait and see. I MIGHT start using it as a mirror blog like everything else I'm doing - but I don't trust it. Waste of time to post copied entries over there if it's just gonna go down.

I wonder how many of you folks feel the same way. The feel of my journal there is totally evaporated into thin air. They're gonna have to do better than that to get me wanting to use it as my primary blog and this, Wordpress and my LiveJournal place as mirrors. Frankly, I'm getting comfy here at Blogspot. I know, I'm a traitor to my own cause, oh well.

Anyway, I have this guy that keeps bugging me for me YouTube uploads. I have uploaded some vidoes of trucking down the road - this guy sends me emails all the time. My travels today were blahhhh, to be honest. In-city, no freeway driving, just driving down the road, babbling away. Well, I took a couple and am going to upload them. I have had - the most views I've had - is 54 on a particular video. That isn't very much for YouTube. But - maybe if I start making regular contributions from the truckers view, I could get that number up.

Ummmm - no reply email from Mary today from the rather long and very detailed letter I sent her yesterday. I left her another notice on her door. She has turned the hallway by her door, the main bathroom door and the other tenant's door into her storage compartment for 2 hampers and my vacuum cleaner. Because I don't go back there often, I didn't know the situation existed until Ken - the other tenant - brought it up to me. So, I put one hamper in front of one of Mary's doors and the other hamper in front of the other. I removed my vacuum cleaner and took it into my room. My notice provided that her stuff was blocking the entrance to the bathroom - which it was! What is WITH this woman? My message also included that if it happened again, she would be able to find her hampers or whatever - in the STORAGE SHED OUTSIDE.

I was on the phone for over an hour with our monthly meeting that is both visited in person and via webcast. I visited webcast, but only by the phone. So, I'm on the phone for an hour, walking around outside watering plants and making sure things are kosher out there. When I'm done and the meeting is over, I noticed the notice had been removed from her door and the hampers were gone. I also heard her come out a few minutes ago and then go back into "one" of her rooms, slamming the door behind her. Provocation for another notice: nothing is going to be done in anger around here that either disturbs anyone's peace OR causes or potentially causes damage to my property. Slamming doors can do damage - I know from experience.

Ummm, not a lot more. I'm enjoying some of the rather bland looking plants I planted that I didn't really want to plant - just branches shooting in all directions with some thick leaves. Recently, they decided they liked it here and started putting some very beautiful flowers! Cooooooool!!

Guess they have to figure out whether they want to stay - or go permanently.

Oh, and back to Mary, I will be wanting an answer from her about whether she's staying or going. But - I get paid on Friday. She gets paid tomorrow. If I don't receive dineros by Monday - after my check is deposited and I actually have access to the money and can go down to the Justice Court and file the paperwork - Forcible Detainer action will proceed. I'm not asking her for the money - she'll have to WANT to give it to me, cause' I'd just as soon get rid of her. Now, to qualify this, I did give her a full explanation of why her presence is no longer desired here, including a lot of stuff about my son, Michael and Ken, not to mention my own feelings, especially about the shit she pulled with Caleb. I'm quite serious: If she ever does anything like that to Caleb again, I'm going to call the police over here and see if I can press some kind of child abuse charges. Whatever. Just a never-ending story about tenants.

I'm hungry. I hate to make people start drooling about food when they read my journal, but about this time of day, I'm thinking food. I had a Super Nachos from a Mexican restaurant today, but I only ate half of it. My stomach told me full quickly, and that's when I end the eating. Now? Some veggies and a little meat sound good. I thoroughly enjoyed my spinach last night - turned into Popeye and actually ate a whole can's worth of it along with the meal I had. Funny how much food affects your life. You can't live without it, but too much of it can mess you up bad. Eating too much of the wrong stuff can also have that effect. Eating too little wears you out and you don't have much energy. It's a strange phenomenon. I mean, if you drink too much, you CAN just stop drinking. If you gamble too much - you CAN stop gambling. If you eat too much? You can't just STOP eating altogether!

I don't have a problem with food - I eat when my stomach tells me it's time. Only certain times of the year do I go overboard - and regret it afterwards in feeling bad or even ill - most of the time I'm eating good meats and at work a lot of salads. NO WAY I will ever do the vegetarian thing. I love vegetables - but I must have my meat. I don't care if it's beef, pork or chicken, I have to have some of it. Tonight's fare? I just want to put some ground beef (landed some 93% lean stuff on sale) in a skillet along with some tomatoes, onions and whatever else I have in there, cook it. Dump a couple of eggs on top of it - let those cook a few minutes and then put some cheese on top of that with some spices - and maybe some fat-free sour cream. OH, sounds terrible. Yes, it's very, very bad, never try that recipe, lol. Ummm, well the tomatoes actually don't go in until near the end - they don't take long to cook and soften up considerably. Onions a totally different story.

I've made myself hungry.

Gonna go hit that stuff.


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