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Ummm, well an interesting day.

I got to work, shortly after arriving, the boss calls.
He's wanting an order - a rather large order - to be pulled for Monday and also - to have the shelving in the warehouse to be vacuumed off.

I took the mundane job. Started vacuuming shelves that have had dust accumulating on them for over a decade and have never been cleaned off. I started to do that job a long time ago, but the dust in the air got to be too much and I just stopped.

The boss brought in his wet-or-dry vac - a little dust coming out but nothing to the extent of just trying to just a broom. These are LARGE arrays of shelving - rows and rows of them that are about 8 feet tall and at least 4 feet wide.

I did that for quite a while and then a customer came in. Another came in, and then another.

The rest of the day was driving around and then got off work an hour early.

Now, I call the day interesting because of what occured here about an hour or so ago. I was checking email and fou…