Friday, January 16, 2009


Ummm, well an interesting day.

I got to work, shortly after arriving, the boss calls.
He's wanting an order - a rather large order - to be pulled for Monday and also - to have the shelving in the warehouse to be vacuumed off.

I took the mundane job. Started vacuuming shelves that have had dust accumulating on them for over a decade and have never been cleaned off. I started to do that job a long time ago, but the dust in the air got to be too much and I just stopped.

The boss brought in his wet-or-dry vac - a little dust coming out but nothing to the extent of just trying to just a broom. These are LARGE arrays of shelving - rows and rows of them that are about 8 feet tall and at least 4 feet wide.

I did that for quite a while and then a customer came in. Another came in, and then another.

The rest of the day was driving around and then got off work an hour early.

Now, I call the day interesting because of what occured here about an hour or so ago. I was checking email and found a letter from Mary. It was chock full of garbage. I replied to her - via printed letter posted to her door. She had come home with a friend (lady) that has been over here several times. She comes out, apparently reads the letter - comes out here. I have the tape recorder running, she doesn't even know I have it.

We go back and forth, but I bring up the issue of her friends knocking on Ken's window. Her email to me stated it was a "fairy tale". Well, bypassing a lot of useless chatter, Ken comes out after hearing Mary bitching about this situation and my continuing to affirm that this guy is knocking on Ken's window. Ken let go a lash of fury, so to speak. Pent up anxiety about her nonsense. He kept his distance, though.

Whatever. I am not going into the whole thing, I have no desire to do so, it's a waste of my time. My final point was that I demanded an apology to Caleb for that shit in the morning and to Ken for the treatment she has shown him. She did, actually, apologize to Caleb but refused to apologize to Ken.

That's where it was left, as she left.

10 minutes ago, this same shows up and knocks on Ken's window yet again. Ken comes out loudly complaining - that's the only reason I knew the guy was out there - so I immediately headed outside. Yup, it's this guy again. I very firmly - asked - that he stop knocking on Ken's window, pointed to the doorbell button, told him to use THAT, not a tenant's window. I don't wonder if Mary didn't tell him to do that - knock on Ken's window.

Anyway, that's the day in a nutshell.

And that's it for me, cause' I'm really tired and I've been running around too much today. More than I wanted to, anyway. I'm just tired, I think is the end of it. Michael, Caleb and JD are all here. A pretty good group of kids - I pretty much let them do what they want within certai boundaries that they learned LONG ago. And usually, almost always, they respect those boundaries.

Well, I would rather have them here, doing their thing, than running around the streets, doing the wrong thing. You KNOW what I mean by that.

G'nite, folks, sleep tight.

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