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It's a Steelers V Cardinals Superbowl!!!!
Will the town I grew up in win, or will the town I'm living in win?
I'll take the former!!

But I was sorry to see a Ravens player going out with what appeared to be a serious - potential head injury.

Our Hines Ward was also injured, a key player. Hope he's good for the Bowl game.

Yeah - that's my team!

Is It Going To Be A BirdBowl?

I hate to say it, but is there going to be 2 Birds at the Superbowl? The Birdbowl!
The game is about to start: Steelers v Ravens.
I'm nervous.


well, I'm sitting here watching the Cardinals game - but I was just outside inspecting my plants.
What has it been, 3 weeks now that I finally got a fence up out back that actually keep the Danes out of the "dog free zone"? Think so. That's because they continued to destroy the plants in the area where they were going at it with the dgo next door.

I was getting - pissed - to be honest. I got that chain link fence and all that came with it for $25. Put it up temporarily - I didn't get the big end posts that you need to really make it a permanent setup - but I did set some top rail into the ground just like end posts and made it very secure.

So, the 3 honeysuckles that those dogs literally destroyed? Actually putting out new leaves!

You have to realize that one of those plants was trampled all the way down to a few sticks sticking out of the ground. The other 2 the same way but with a little more "stickage" left. NO greenery whatsoever. I was going …


Usually, I like the weekends to go by as slow as possible. Really. I mean, Monday comes and it's all over - another work week. Work is great - if there's something to do. If there's nothing to do, then I'm vacuuming shelving, cleaning trucks and doing what-not to try and pass the time. Which is okay - but I'd rather be doing what I was hired to do, and that's pull order, package them, load them on the truck and drive it out to the jobsite.

But - couldn't wait for today to get here. Eagles v Cardinals and Steelers v Ravens.

I'm a Steelers fan, so obviously I want the Steelers to win the second game. I'm still undecided on the first game. ALL Cardinals fans here in Phoenix have declared the Cardinals the victors of today's game. They talk about it as if it's already over and the championship has already been won by them.

I'm sorry, but the Eagles aren't going to be quite that easy to beat, I'm sure. They didn't make …