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Martin Luther King day.
Meaning - courts are closed. I was all prepared to rush out to the court and then this morning realized - after seeing rather empty streets - it's a holiday.
Gives Mary an extra day - today - to pay up the rent, which I fully expect she won't be doing at this point.

I'm also going to find some information - if there is any - about a tenant taking over a second room and what kind of reprisals there may be. Wondering - mainly - if I can simply call the police if there's legal dictate/precedent for it. Probably not - well, really I don't know. I NEVER agreed that she could occupy both rooms.

I really wanted to get this legal stuff started today - nothing I can do but wait until tomorrow.

An interesting bit of information I found out about some of the Eagle's players yesterday. Ken - the guy that is renting a room here - is a dispatcher at a taxi company. He said they dispatched at cab at like 3:00am the morning of the day of the Eagle…