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I was only going to take the dogs for a 20 minute walk and that would be it. Somehow, we got to traipsing through the mountains and 20 minutes turned into 40 minutes. When I left, I told Michael if the process server shows up - let him/her right on in!

Anyway, the mountains offer a great workout in less time. Up and down, up and down. The last hill we climbed was very steep and Duke was breathing very heavily. I decided that was the last hill. I've heard about large dogs even having heart failure in a situation where you work them out too hard, especially if they're not really in shape. Duke is not in great cardio shape. He's not fat - none of my dogs are fat - but I haven't really worked them too hard. I'm forcing myself to get them out there and walking them. They get too ancy, too much energy and they just drive me crazy with it all pent up and no release.

It was just funny how much time elapsed - I had thought that I had only been out 15 or 20 minutes a…


Quite a lot of running around today. Florence; Valley Farms (don't ask me, a smalllll little town that makes you think you just drove back into the 50's when you drive into it); Coolidge; Scottsdale; Phoenix, everywhere. The fact that I got all of that done and back to the yard only 10 minutes after my normal sign-out time was a feat in itself.

It's all good for me - gets the work day done and behind me.

I then drove straight to the Justice Courts building in downtown Phoenix and filed for Forcible Detainer. After that, I called the process server - who wanted me to fax the stuff to him - so I did. Been waiting a while for him to call me back. 5:00pm comes and I'm calling them back - won't wait forever, the phone book is full of process servers and many of them are charging the same price. Some of them are charging FAR more than the rest - stay away from them.

I did leave Mary a "Friendly Notice" yesterday afternoon in her work email. She never re…