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Wednesday/What Would YOU Do?

I was busily writing up my daily entry when I got sidetracked by an email that Mary sent to me. Putting that entry and the situation with Mary aside, I have yet another thing going on in my home.
I've been checking my video surveillance - particularly the one in here, for any sign that Mary might be trying to access my computer. It takes a while to go through that much footage, I don't relish the chore.
Well, an interesting scenario is being played out on a daily basis, really, with the newer tenant.

The guy is helping himself to my food.
Nothing extravagant - a $1.00 can of chili I bought when it was on sale here, a LOT of bread there. I see him going through my refrigerator - don't know what he's looking for. He'll get out my tub of margarine, make numerous slices of toast. He'll look up at the camera - guess he's wondering if I'm going to catch him or if the thing is really on.
He goes into my cupboard with the coffee and helps himself to a p…