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So, I got to work early this morning. I keep doing that - not on purpose, I just haven't changed the alarm back.
The situation was that Prince's tail needed tending to every single morning as it had open wounds in a couple of places. I had to get up early for weeks, take the old dressing off, clean the wounds, and then put fresh dressing back on it. It was time consuming so I started getting up earlier.

Well, I don't clock in right away. I sit down and persue the internet, mostly, besides making a fresh pot of coffee. This morning, it dawned on me that I have never done a Justice Court background check on Mary. I was curious to see if there was anything in there.

I was astounded to find numerous Forcible Detainers had been entered against her, and that there was at least half a dozen monetary judgements against her totalling over $10,000.00. Yes, that's ten thousand dollars - more than that. Quite a large number of tickets as well. Several Orders of Protectio…


Note: I wrote this entry yesterday, but posted another entry instead on here, and this one on my other blog. I have even more stuff on Mary that is priceless - will be working on that entry after posting this one.

Another busy day. All the way up until time to leave. I like work like that.

Now, onto the juicy stuff. Not really much. I called the process server this morning because they didn’t come last night - before I went to bed anyway. Which was 9:00 pm. He told me she had been served. But not directly. He came to the gate, said there was a lock on it and though he could have undone the lock (I left the lock on but not locked) - that apparently wouldn’t be legal, or “peaceable” so he folded up the complaint and set it in the gate itself.

Now, somebody got it. It wasn’t there when I went to bed last night - I checked the gate in case that was what they were going to do. Plus, I left the lock unlocked on purpose. This morning, the lock was locked and there was definitely no…