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Just got back from a long hike in the mountains with the dogs. There's always people up in there - miles and miles of trails - run into hikers and mountain bikes. They all just stop what they're doing when those Danes come trotting by. Those dogs were huffing and puffing hard going up and down those steep hills - it was a good workout today as I ventured further in and forced them up and down more steep hills. My goal: get the energy totally out and have them knocked out for the evening.

The Mary Report:
Just a series of emails, a lot of trash talking from her. As she progresses with her make-believe, the story gets more and more rife. The whole thing at this point is a fabricated, out-right lie. Seriously. I wrote her back and asked her to calm down, get out of the emotional state of being, sit back and take a rational look at this situation.

She wrote back and said she couldn't deal with my email anymore and that she would delete every one I sent and not to write…


I'm at work taking my break.
I just had to add to this Mary drama that she spent all last night (remember, she's an insomniac on top of everything else) moving all of her stuff out of one bedroom and into "her" family room bedroom. It does nothing for me until she hands me the key to that room. That's the law - I can't take possession of it until she either voluntarily hands over the key or she is forcibly removed by constables.

So, it's useless to me at this point. Now, if she leaves the door open and it's obviously vacated, I can post an abandonment note on that door and after however many days - I think 5 - I can retake possession legally. I know, it's all BS, but I am not going to do this stuff any way but the legal way.

What I would like to do is get the room rented out while I'm waiting to get her evicted. I need the money. I've got more bills on hold while this stuff is going on. Plus I'm going to need another $104 for t…