Sunday, January 25, 2009


I've already made my trips to the stores I needed to make them to today.
Walmart - the place I love to hate - for several items including flea/tick treatment for the dogs and some fixin's for the ham I intend on cooking today.

Fry's had ham on super-sale - bought that a couple of weeks ago, just getting to cooking it today. Put a pineapple/brown sugar glaze on it, cook it, serve with vegetables and maybe potatoes, done.

Oh, and key rings and one tag for the dogs. Duke had somehow gotten his identification tag off and destroyed the ring that was holding it - tag was intact. Got a new ring for him. Coco both got the tag off and managed to lose the tag and ring completely. It's around here somewhere, I'm sure of that - WHERE - I have no clue.

My chores for today are limited - clean the living room, tidy up my bedroom, mop the kitchen floor. Already cleaned most of my bathroom and ended up leaving a notice on the tenant's bathroom. I mean, it was pretty bad in there. The toilet was - gross. I cleaned that just to get it to acceptable conditions. The notice was for the tenants to clean the rest of it. As far as I know, Mary cleaned the bathtub and counter, I don't know if Ken did anything or not. Pretty sad that I have to leave a notice to clean up the bathroom to 40-year olds - but I do what I have to around here to keep this place acceptable.

Oh, and laundry. Such a fun and wonderful CHORE. It's the worst part of any cleaning for me around here. I HATE doing laundry.

The biggest thing I'm doing today is getting all the emails Mary has sent me forwarded to my work email address so I can print them out, read over her handwritten junk, go over the numbers she claims versus the real numbers, and get semi-prepared for court. The judge will not be interested in a lot of other stuff - as Mary thinks she intends to bring up - as this is solely about rent, not any lawsuits she may think to bring. I know this for a fact - anything that isn't covered in my complaint or her potential reply to the complaint will not be addressed, he won't even listen. Mary claims she is writing an answer and filing it tomorrow. I don't know if there's a time limit on such answers in this kind of situation, but I do know she has to give me a copy of it.

Anyway, I was going to take the dogs for a walk this morning and instead got caught up in all the running around, and now the more important things in life: a pot of coffee. After this little reprieve, it's off to the laundry/cleaning races - have to take the dogs for a walk later on. Probably trot on by the newest molestor's house and take a gander at that setup. The guy knows his face is being plastered all over the neighborhood - I have a hard time understanding how anyone could live in a place like this with that kind of rap. He has to know that there is at least the potential for parents that have little boys - apparently the dish of his flavor - are going to be watching him and their kids. I have a clear image of this guy in my head and intend on seeing what this freak looks like in person. Not a confrontation, just a gander at this "dude".

Umm, that was unpleasant. The notion of having fully 2 child molestors - 1 across the street and now the other 10 houses away - is rather unsettling. Further that the "new" guy has a taste for young boys. That's just sick.

Anyway, no football today - meaning I can focus on the court case. Very glad Superbowl Sunday is not today, I would be totally distracted and not get that info clear in my mind.

I've seen some of the hype about Obama, but so far, all I've seen actually done is an order to close Guantanamo prison and releasing funds so that little babies around the world can be killed in a procedure known as an abortion. Have you ever actually seen what they do to these babies in some of these procedures? In one procedure, a saline solution is injected into the sac and basically burns the flesh off the baby. In another, it's something akin to a vacuum cleaner cutting off and disposing of the baby's limbs and head. It's pretty sick, as far as I'm concerned. Well, I don't want to get into that, I'm just definitely NOT impressed by anything he's done yet. He isn't the Savior that he's been touted to be, time will prove and reveal that little factor.

Whatever. I have to try to call the mortgage company again this coming week and see about getting a renegotiation of the loan. Calling that company always gets the same message: We are experiencing an usually high volume of calls, wait times will be long.
I'm not into waiting long periods of time to speak to someone on the phone who can't do anything for me, anyway, and will have to get connected to Lord knows how many people before finally getting to the right person. I emailed them a detailed letter of what I need - no reply and that was weeks ago.

Done with this one, it seems to be full of negativity and I figure to get out of that mode shortly.

Happy Sunday.

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