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I've already made my trips to the stores I needed to make them to today.
Walmart - the place I love to hate - for several items including flea/tick treatment for the dogs and some fixin's for the ham I intend on cooking today.

Fry's had ham on super-sale - bought that a couple of weeks ago, just getting to cooking it today. Put a pineapple/brown sugar glaze on it, cook it, serve with vegetables and maybe potatoes, done.

Oh, and key rings and one tag for the dogs. Duke had somehow gotten his identification tag off and destroyed the ring that was holding it - tag was intact. Got a new ring for him. Coco both got the tag off and managed to lose the tag and ring completely. It's around here somewhere, I'm sure of that - WHERE - I have no clue.

My chores for today are limited - clean the living room, tidy up my bedroom, mop the kitchen floor. Already cleaned most of my bathroom and ended up leaving a notice on the tenant's bathroom. I mean, it was pretty bad i…