Monday, January 26, 2009


Mary - piece of work.
Remember when she put up the door, put a lock on it and then wouldn't give me a key?
Didn't understand why I should have a key to the room? Yada yada yada?
She comes home tonight - standing out in front of the locked gate. Calls me from her cellphone.
She left her keys in her room and can't get in.
So, I go out there and open up the gate.
She comes in the house - gives me a NASTY look and says "Well I left my keys in the room and it's locked, too".
She goes to the back of the hall, turns on the hall light and just stands there, waiting for me to get my key to her room.
The more I think about tomorrow and all the stuff she said to me, the more fuel for the fire I have.
She wrote me an email today, going into her ridiculous rhetoric again - a friggin' HUGE email. I wrote her back a 2 line sentence telling her to give it a rest and that tomorrow the judge would decide this for us.
Didn't respond to a single thing she said - mostly because nothing has changed. I assume she is not exactly comfortable going to court tomorrow, so she's trying to put some sort of fear into ME. I have nothing to fear - the worst that can happen here would be that the judge would find for her, she gets to stay this month for free and that's the end of that. The worst that can happen to her is a monetary judgement found against her, she's now got another forcible detainer with judgement on her record and she faces forcible removal from the house if she doesn't leave peacably.
Just saying - it should be an interesting day tomorrow.



Just plain tired. That dog I have been watching has more energy than 10 humans combined. It gets up and walks around in the middle of the night and then lays down - but not after it's already done it's damage of waking me up - like at least 5 times last night. Lord knows I'm ready for a nap.

I did a V-log while driving the truck today, but I don't even feel like going through the motions of uploading it, so I'm just writing the entry.

Basically, Ken - the newer tenant - told me that on Saturday, he went into the bathroom, got dizzy and fell on the floor. Woke up however long later.
Most people - I would assume - would be calling the paramedics when something like that happens and you haven't got a clue what is wrong with you, and then a trip to the hospital. He isn't even going to see a doctor about it. Crazy. I asked him to please go - he does have health care coverage through the Great State of Arizona AHCCCS - called access, and yes they would treat a problem like this. I told him I would rather NOT find his dead carcass laying in my house, please take care of yourself.

Also, last night, I had a potential - male - tenant over. I got him settled at the kitchen table and we talked for at least an hour. My goal - as always - is to find out as much about this person as I possibly can in the limited time frame that I have to hear them out. I'm looking for anything hidden, slips of the tongue, oddities. I want to hear this person's view of things and I want to see if this person really can get along with other people living in the same house. I have no set way of getting that info out - the conversation just lends itself to it.

The only thing that is a little unsettling about the guy is that he's a diabetic - the type that has to take insulin shots. I've seen diabetics going into seizures, it ain't a pretty sight. He claims he takes care of himself and watched his glucose and all of that and hasn't had a seizure in years. Now, a seizure isn't going to hurt anyone but the person having it, for the most part, but again, I like to see that people stay alive and kicking in my house, not coming here to die. You know what I mean? lol He works in a warehouse not far from here - 40 hours a week - and then claims to be a freelance writer just trying to get a foot into the door of that realm.

Well, good luck with that, but don't quit your day job until you really have something going. He offered references, I said I would like to see them.

Show-down with Mary in court tomorrow. Printed out most of the stuff I needed, but I have more emails to dig out of the system and get them printed up as well. Which means sitting here for an hour at least going through all of it to find the relevant ones. Came up with a list of things that throw HUGE holes into her story, the biggest one is her own hand-written letter where she says she knows she owes rent, that she "made a mistake" and whatever else it said. Gotta get that one back out and scrutinize it. Meaning I'm going to have to take a nap soon so I can be refreshed enough to get this stuff in my head and also marked so I can find it if I need it in a hurry. I'm not fretting or uneasy about going into this particular court room anymore, as I have had enough dealings with this judge to know that - even if I get screwed, the screwing can't be that bad because the only thing Mary is claiming is that she doesn't have to pay rent this month.

Temps cooled down considerably today. It was cool even this afternoon - but that's also the help of wind. Still, it was in the high 70's and now it's down in the 60's.
I was wondering what was going on here - I ain't ready for summer and those incredibly high electric bills. I'm still wondering HOW I'm going to pay for that, and my time for figuring is going to come to a close. I'm seriously considering installing a piggy-back evap cooler onto the ac system. We don't need AC when no-one's here. Turn on a cooler and run that during the day - it will let it get no higher than 90 in the house, but probably cooler than that during the summer months. It would save me a huge chunk of change and - well - the money for that could be funded by another 401k loan after the current one is paid off in July. Yeah, July's in the middle of hot-hell summer, but at least that alternative will come around.

The problem with it is that it allegedly cancels the warranty on the ac unit if I install one. But - only for the ducting and that with the house manufacturer, not the AC manufacturer. Okay, in 30 years, the ducting will start to rust a little and that's the deal with it. I won't be here in 30 years. It's the only alternative I have been able to come up with to deal with these excessive cooling bills for the months of June, July and August. The months preceding and after are also high, but not near as high as the temps are cooler - in the low 100's instead of the 110's.

Actually, I was thinking if I get that safe driver award - and the full week's pay that comes with it - I could pay off the 401k loan with it and then get another loan within a few days of it. A couple thousand dollars would deal with that and a few other issues I would like to get deal with around here, including those broken windows. I'm just considering it right now. The real answer is to get awnings up - but they cost so much money. Money, money, money. At least I ain't the only one in that particular, giant ship filled with millions of people - many of which are far worse off than I right now.

Umm, well I have had a second wind hit me and I'm going to go right now and start digging through that email and find the rest of what I need, plus go re-read that 3-page, handwritten letter that Mary wrote that is going to kill her in court.

C'yall later.

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