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Mary - piece of work.
Remember when she put up the door, put a lock on it and then wouldn't give me a key?
Didn't understand why I should have a key to the room? Yada yada yada?
She comes home tonight - standing out in front of the locked gate. Calls me from her cellphone.
She left her keys in her room and can't get in.
So, I go out there and open up the gate.
She comes in the house - gives me a NASTY look and says "Well I left my keys in the room and it's locked, too".
She goes to the back of the hall, turns on the hall light and just stands there, waiting for me to get my key to her room.
The more I think about tomorrow and all the stuff she said to me, the more fuel for the fire I have.
She wrote me an email today, going into her ridiculous rhetoric again - a friggin' HUGE email. I wrote her back a 2 line sentence telling her to give it a rest and that tomorrow the judge would decide this for us.
Didn't respond to a single thing she said - most…


Just plain tired. That dog I have been watching has more energy than 10 humans combined. It gets up and walks around in the middle of the night and then lays down - but not after it's already done it's damage of waking me up - like at least 5 times last night. Lord knows I'm ready for a nap.

I did a V-log while driving the truck today, but I don't even feel like going through the motions of uploading it, so I'm just writing the entry.

Basically, Ken - the newer tenant - told me that on Saturday, he went into the bathroom, got dizzy and fell on the floor. Woke up however long later.
Most people - I would assume - would be calling the paramedics when something like that happens and you haven't got a clue what is wrong with you, and then a trip to the hospital. He isn't even going to see a doctor about it. Crazy. I asked him to please go - he does have health care coverage through the Great State of Arizona AHCCCS - called access, and yes they would tr…