Sunday, February 1, 2009

THE STEELERS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/V-Log

(back to the normally scheduled program)

Sunday/Superbowl Sunday!!

Superbowl Sunday!!!!........and this is still the day that the LORD hath made!!!!
Well, had to throw that in there - He's a bittle more important than a football game, just keeping my priorities straight.

Decided to get some stuff done early today. The judge wants pics of all the work she's done - she's supposed to provide them. I just went to Walgreens, stuck the memory card from my camera into their machine and picked out the photos I want to show the judge, including photos that show the door she installed being a TOTALLY different design than the rest of the interior doors in the house. I also got some other shots in case she tries something - I don't know what she could possibly do, but I'm preparing myself regardless.

Well, one thing she is trying to get away with is the deal with stuccoing the walls. She's claiming it's worth $300 and that I didn't give her anything but $30 for the materials. She seems to have conveniently forgotten the truth. It was one of her boyfriends that did the work, and the payment was to be beer. I provided him as much beer as he wanted and he was actually around here for a couple of weeks. He did a great job on the stuff he did, no doubting that, but Mary's version of things and the truth are usually miles apart.

Anyway, I got most of my watering projects done yesterday excepting a few more plants with deep watering - being done now. I got the bushwhacker running - my co-worker gave it to me - and did the weeds. My trailer-trash neighbor lets weeds grow all over his property, they find their way into my yard and then I have to deal with it. The weeds don't really start growing until it rains, but when it does rain, dang there's a lot of weeds out there. Some of them starting growing RIGHT next some of my plant stems, apparently attempting to suck the life of the plants themselves. Nilched that ill-gotten plan.

Today's list is nothing grand - laundry, a little more cleaning and still some more weeds to go out there. I do like working out in the yard, I don't like having to deal with someone else's junk. All those people have to do is get out there and cut them things down and that's it.

Anyway, I got a rather surprising email from my dad this morning: he's home. That was the title of his email. Home from where? Another heart surgery. He forgot to tell me - they put some kind of balloon thing in there. The docs have proclaimed his heart healthy at this point, and if he is still feeling poorly after this, they are saying the cause will have to be something else, because they have inspected his heart. Well that's good news, anyway.

Not sure what the problem is with the old Buick. I got it running yesterday but it's having a hard time starting. When it does start, it purrrrrrrs like a kitten - sort of. It runs great is all I'm saying. The harmonic balancer still needs to be replaced. I am not doing anything with it right now, so the balancer can wait. I just want to keep it running, fire it up here and there and make sure it's moving parts get oiled up in the engine. The best way to fry an engine is to simply let it set for a long, long time, and don't do anything with it. After it's been setting for a long time, go ahead and try to fire it up. Not guaranteed, but definitely a good possibility that some of the rings will break and then you have a problem.

Well, that's it for now, I want to get outside and do some more weeding. I also want to go to the city of Phoenix site and file another complaint about that neighbor - he will only weed that yard if he's forced to by the city.

Have a great Sunday - should be a good Superbow - Go Steelers!


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