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I just got done going over the recording of yesterday's game. Couldn't resist - I wanted to see that 100 yard return on a pass interception. The guy that ran the ball down the field fell on the ground in the end zone totally winded. It was an incredible run. Anyway, football's over for a while now - bummer, lol. I haven't been able to get into basketball too much cause' the Suns have been tanking - their own coach was giving his team a scathing report on how the players are not playing as a team.

Whatever. I just got out all of this stuff for trial tomorrow out of my car. I haven't looked at a single page of it since last week, when we were at court. I don't really need to go over too much of it. There are certain sentences that she has written that I have already highlighted, I don't have to go looking through every since paper to find it now. I'm not saying it's an open and shut case, I'm just saying I'm prepared enough. So…